Palermo, Lagalla ‘gifts’ three days of Politeama to the Japanese billionaire

The mayor of Palermo Roberto Lagalla has ‘gifted’ three of the seven days’ rent of the Politeama Garibaldi Theater in Palermo to the Japanese billionaire Kaoru Nakajima, who decided to celebrate his birthday in the Sicilian capital. As Adnkronos learns, the Municipality granted the theater free of charge to the organizers of the event on 3, 4 and 5 November and “until 4pm also on 6 November”. While for the remaining three and a half days, 30 and 31 October, 2 November and “half day in the afternoon of 6 November, from 4pm to midnight”, a bill of just 14 thousand euros “plus VAT” was paid. In particular, 7 thousand euros plus VAT were paid “as a deposit” and the “remaining amount as a balance within ten days prior to the first day of availability of the structure”.

The contract was signed between the Sicilian Symphony Orchestra Foundation and 9PM srl, owned by James Victor Pallas, with registered office in Milan, which took care of the entire organization of the maxi event, which also involves the Teatro Massimo in Palermo . An unexpected gift, therefore, for the Japanese tycoon, who today was a guest of the mayor, at a brunch offered at Villa Niscemi, the representative office of the Municipality. “I had the pleasure of receiving the Japanese entrepreneur Kaoru Nakajima today at Villa Niscemi, on a private visit. It was a very cordial meeting full of exchanges of opinions on Italy and Japan, but we talked above all about Palermo and , as mayor, I am very satisfied to have seen how the city was very much liked by the entrepreneur and the many Japanese guests who are visiting the streets of the capital in recent days and how they appreciated the friendly hospitality of the people of Palermo”, said Lagalla at the end of the meeting.

The highlight of the Japanese tycoon’s event is scheduled for tomorrow, the billionaire’s 73rd birthday. Around 1pm the guests will enter the Teatro Massimo, rented by Nakajima for a “convention” followed by a concert, held by Matteo Bocelli, son of the tenor Andrea, with a break organized by Galati catering. One hundred thousand euros instead, the cost of renting the Teatro Massimo in Palermo. The birthday dinner, also scheduled for tomorrow, will be organized at the Politeama Theatre, given for three and a half days free of charge by the mayor to the tycoon. The set-up operations have been underway for days, including dismantling the seats and applying a sheath to protect the floor. Then the entrance of chairs and tables, under the direction of Giuseppe Galati’s catering, for an ultra-elegant and chic dinner-show. The menu will consist of typical Sicilian dishes. Just as the Japanese tycoon wishes.