Palermo massacre, kills wife and two children. Two accomplices were also arrested

It happened in Altavilla Milicia, on the outskirts of the city. 54-year-old arrested: it seems that in the middle of the night he spoke of “demonic presences”. Another daughter managed to save herself

Massacre in Altavilla Milicia, on the outskirts of PalermoWhere a man killed his wife and two children aged 5 and 15 and then called 112. A third 17-year-old daughter managed to escape. The man was found by the police in nearby Casteldaccia where he was arrested. After a day of interrogations, two spouses from Palermo were also arrested. The three are all accused of triple murder and have been transferred to Pagliarelli prison.

The couple, as we learn, have been in contact with the man for some time and have brought him closer to the world of religious fanaticism. Husband and wife spoke to the man about “demonic presences”.

The murderer tells the investigators: “They were possessed by Satan”

“My wife and my children were possessed by Satan”, the perpetrator of the massacre, Giovanni Barreca, a 54-year-old bricklayer, repeated several times to the Carabinieri. he would be a religious fanatic.

It seems that recently the man often spoke of “demonic presences”, even during the night of the triple murder, and accused his wife and children of being “possessed by Satan”. This is a phrase that he would also repeat to the police. It seems that the massacre occurred at least 36 hours ago, as emerges from an initial forensic medical examination of the two boys’ bodies.

The only survivor is his 17-year-old daughter

Helping the investigators is the girl who remained alive and who is being interviewed in these hours. The 17-year-old was in a state of confusion when she was found by the 118 staff who rescued her. It is not known whether the girl hid and was therefore spared from her father’s fury or whether she was deliberately left alive.

The 54-year-old strangled his eldest son with a chain, according to what emerges from the first findings of the police. The victims are 16-year-old Kevin and his 5-year-old brother Emanuel. The smaller one was also strangled but a chain was used for the older one, which was later found next to the 16-year-old’s body.

The two sons dead “for at least 36 hours”

Kevin and Emanuel had been dead for “at least 36 hours”, according to what emerges from the first medical-legal examinations carried out on the two bodies. The 17-year-old daughter, the only survivor, would therefore have remained at home with her father for the last 36 hours. Investigators are trying to understand whether she was drugged.

The woman’s body, charred, was found in the garden of the house where the massacre took place, as Adnkronos learns.

Aunt and grandmother killed: “He was obsessed with religion, money problems”

“Giovanni had been obsessed with religion for some time, but we hadn’t heard from Antonella for at least a week.” This is what Salvini Licata and Elisabetta Cassano, Antonella Salamone’s aunt and grandmother, say. The two women, who arrived at the house where the massacre occurred, are still in disbelief at what happened and also say that the couple had had financial problems for some time: “But no more than other families”. Barreca’s wife worked as a caregiver.

Barraca “often argued” with his wife “but we didn’t think this could happen”. For some time the two “had frequented an evangelist community, they cared a lot about it” but “he was not violent”, the two women further said.

The mayor of Altavilla: “Peaceful family, only economic problems”

“We are all very shaken, both by the tragedy and by the background stories that are emerging. Our small community is truly in shock. It was a quiet family, which had only had some economic problems. But problems of family violence had never emerged or mistreatment”. Speaking to Adnkronos is Pino Virga, the mayor of Altavilla Milicia. “He was rarely seen around, he was a reserved person – says the mayor – But I repeat that it was a quiet family”. He says that in the past “they had had approaches to the social worker for economic problems, but no uncomfortable situation had ever emerged. No signs of violence. It’s a tragedy”.

“I knew him by sight, while I knew the lady because she had carried out economic assistance activities also on behalf of the Municipality of Altavilla. She really stood out, it wasn’t rhetorical, she was very kind and very polite”. The “religious fanaticism that is emerging makes the matter even more disturbing…”, says Mayor Virga.

The testimony of the neighbor

Pascal, Giovanni Barreca’s neighbor of foreign origins, describes him as a “diabolical” man who “turned off the light of the statue of the Madonna that I had in the garden”. “The children seemed younger than their age and went to school without books – says the woman – the girl was very shy, while the little son was often scolded. The older one had learned from his father to kill and stuff birds”. While Antonella Salamone could not have relations with her neighbor “because Giovanni prevented her both from her children and from her wife”.

“Giovanni Barreca beat his wife,” says the woman. “I don’t know if he also beat his children – he says – Antonella Salamone spoke about herself. I said to her ‘Why don’t you report it?’ but she never reported it.”

“Antonella told me that she had problems with her husband and that he was ill, she told me that she wanted to return to live in Novara, where they lived before”, continues Pascal. “He always said that God doesn’t exist – he adds – and he turned off the light of the Madonnina for me because for him there was no other image outside of God”. He then says that every now and then “we saw people at home and sang”.

The 17-year-old survivor of the family massacre in Altavilla Milicia was “her father’s favorite daughter”, says the neighbor. “Giovanni Barreca scared me, I feared him. He was very strange – she says – he always talked about the Devil”.