Palermo, Police and rugby together for legality

The XI Mobile Department of the Palermo State Police, as part of the Proximity Police project aimed at promoting the practice of rugby in southern Italy, has launched a legality project to encourage interaction between the State Police institution and youth realities united by social hardship, stimulating their interest with initiatives that contribute to enhancing education in civil coexistence and legality. Specifically, the initiative involved the students of the secondary school of the “Guglielmo Marconi” Comprehensive Institute in Palermo.

The training course, which began last October with three-weekly meetings held by federal rugby coaches from Palermo sports clubs and in the presence of representatives of the XI Mobile Department of the Palermo State Police, ended this morning with a demonstration on the lawn of the Stadio delle “Vito Schifani” palms.

About 600 students participated who, under the guidance of qualified technicians and in the presence of National Representatives of the Fiamme Oro of the State Police and National and Regional Representatives of the Italian Rugby Federation, demonstrated the results achieved, in the context of a sport that with the “third time” he perfectly embodies the values ​​of sport understood as correctness and legality.