Palermo, Renzi launches Faraone: “The city needs you”

“Buy yourself a nice pair of shoes and go around the city carrying your passion, Italia Viva is not with Miccichè”

Davide Faraone candidate for mayor of Palermo. “The mayors are the heart of our future. In Florence we say ‘let’s take the wine out of the flasks’: in the next elections whoever can come out and put his face to it. Who can, bring out the courage, energy, enthusiasm . I want to tell the most important city that will go to the vote in 2022: dear Davide, Palermo needs you and we are convinced that your candidacy will not be the daughter of some accord with some political force but it will be a candidacy that speaks to the city “said the leader of IV, Matteo Renzi, formalizing the designation of the current party leader in the Senate at the helm of the Palazzo delle Aquile.

We in Palermo will not stay with Miccichè but with Faraone which is a different thing. Then Miccichè or Provenzano do what they believe but we in Palermo are running for a city that in recent years has not even managed to bury its dead. To Davide I say: buy a nice pair of shoes and get around the city, through the neighborhoods and suburbs, as you know how to do and do it not only bringing your tactical-political skills but your passion “, concluded Renzi.

Palermo needs a real change, which is why I am running for mayor: my commitment will be an extraordinary political and personal experience “said Davide Faraone, speaking with journalists in Florence, at the end of the Leopolda.

“I have a huge enthusiasm to face this challenge – explained Faraone – also because running for the leadership of the city where you were born and grew up, in the suburbs, from Zen to San Lorenzo, I think it is the dream of those who make politics. I will do it with the utmost commitment, trying to bring as a dowry my experience that I have built up over the years, my relationship with all the women and men who lead this country and who are in key positions “.

“I am committed to reviving a city – added Faraone – which unfortunately is bent by an economic crisis and which is not even able to bury its dead. Palermo needs a real turning point, I’m on the pitch for this”.