Palermo, to Acea: investing in the water network is a national priority

On the occasion of the 40th ANCI assembly, the association of Italian municipalities, the CEO of Acea Fabrizio Palermo explained to Sky Tg24 Business what the most urgent challenges are in terms of “proximity infrastructure”. Watch the video.

“Water infrastructures are central” is the analysis of Fabrizio Palermo, CEO of Acea, a company listed on the stock exchange that manages the network infrastructures of essential services such as electricity, water and waste disposal. “Water is a crucial issue in Europe, Italy is rich in this resource but must invest more and better in transport infrastructure – states Palermo -, today the network is partly obsolete, it must also be adapted in terms of technologies. artificial intelligence can be of important help in optimizing the use of this essential resource”, concludes the manager, also referring (but not exclusively) to the PNRR money.

On the waste-to-energy plant in Rome he adds: “It is a project that we have presented in consortium with other world leading companies in the sector, a very innovative project: we already operate in other plants in the central south, we will be able to make a strong contribution to waste management in the capital”.