Palestinian refugees in La Spezia, Fcei: “First moments of normality for them”

Five of them, who arrived with Nave Vulcano, will be hosted in Rome by the Federation of Evangelical Churches in Italy while waiting to be reunited with their families

There is a pregnant girl who arrived in Italy with her sister-in-law but who left her daughter in need of care with her grandmother in Turkey. But there are also those who lost their wives under the bombs. Those of the gods are dramatic stories 62 Palestinian refugeesincluding 32 minors, 18 of them in need of specific medical and health care, who arrived this morning at the port of Spice on board of Vulcan ship, the Navy hospital ship. These are mostly families who arrived in Egypt fleeing from Gaza through the Rafah crossing. Five of them, including the future mother and the man who saw his life partner die in Gaza, will be hosted by the Federation of Evangelical Churches in Italy (Fcei) waiting to be reunited with their family members.

“They’re all young, obviously they have stories of pain behindthey told us that they are happy to be here and that they can safely wait for their loved ones, for whose fate there remains great fear”, he tells Adnkronos Federica Brizi, reception manager of the Fcei, who was in La Spezia this morning when the Vulcano ship docked in the port. She is the one who took care of organizing the arrival of the five refugees who will be hosted by the Federation in Rome. “I am responsible for humanitarian corridors for the FCEI – he says -, but this is a totally different situation, more emergency and with a much more urgent health need”.

Whoever arrived this morning was “very tried, even psychologically“, he explains. They are worried about the family members left in the hell of war. “Many have children and close relatives who will arrive for treatment, but just as many leave family members in a very serious situation – he adds -. At the same time, they are happy to have arrived and eager to ask for asylum here in Italy. They told us that they have always felt Western support for the Palestinian population. It’s something that really struck me.” On the bus that takes them to Rome, in addition to the future mother, accompanied by her sister-in-law, there are three boys. “One is a nurse, another is a physics teacher and the third worked in a car company”, says Federica. All three left behind their family members. “One of them has three children who need medical care, the other has an injured child but lost his wife under the bombs. The third’s wife and son, however, remained in Gaza and are unable to get out” .

During the stop at the service station on the journey to Rome they prayed. “I am small moments of normalitywho lived who knows how long afterward”, adds Federica. A new life awaits them in the capital. But theirs is a half joy. “The thoughts go to those they left behind, to those who will join them soon but also to those who will not be able to do so “, says Federica. This is why the Fcei returns to ask for “an immediate ceasefire” and in the meantime a “humanitarian corridor from the Gaza Strip for people in vulnerable conditions who need urgent interventions”. (by Rossana Lo Castro)