Palio di Siena 2023, Goose wins race August 16 with shaken horse

The horse Zio Frac wins the Palio characterized by a series of falls. Two horses in the veterinary clinic

The Goose wins the Palio di Siena on August 16, 2023. The contrada wins with the shaken horse, Zio Frac, in a Palio dell’Assunta characterized by a series of falls. The Goose returns to victory 10 years after the last success, obtained on 2 July 2013.

At the start, the Giraffe sprints in front of everyone with the horse led by Tittia. The jockey, chasing the sixth consecutive victory and the eleventh overall, takes off but falls. The Pantera finds itself in first position, but a crash at the beginning of the third lap calls everything into question. The two shaken horses dell’Oca and della Torre are battling for victory: Zio Frac, an 8-year-old bay gelding, triumphs without the jockey Carlo Sanna, who fell at the San Martino curve on the third lap, and wins the Palio for the second time.

This is the 66th victory in the history of the Palio for the Goose. Despite the fall, Sanna, born in Oristano in 1989, nonetheless brings back his second victory out of 15 Palio races. Sanna’s previous victory dates back to August 2, 2017 with the Wave.

The horse of the Contrada della Giraffa, Abbasantesa, a 7-year-old bay female, and Antine Day, the 7-year-old sorrel gelding that fell to the Contrada dell’Istrice, following injuries sustained during the race, were “promptly transported to the clinic veterinary Il Ceppo for diagnostic tests and interventions that will be deemed necessary”, announces the Municipality of Siena with a press release.