Palt (L’Oréal): ‘We have to be faster, all together’

Commitment to biodiversity and sustainability is fundamental; it is about our reality, our world and companies can work to meet people’s needs and respect the environment. I am talking about collaboration and cooperation: we must all commit ourselves and we must accelerate, many companies are committed, many countries and cities but we must speed up times, be faster, all together. We have to lead the change. We are part of the same team“. Like this Alexandra Palt, Executive Vice President L’Oréal Group – Chief Corporate Responsibility Officer and Executive Vice President Fondation L’Oréal in his speech at ‘L’Oréal for the Future Day’, an event dedicated to environmental and social sustainability.

L’Oreal is going in the right direction but we have to be many because when we focus on challenges such as biodiversity and climate change we still feel small and few therefore collaboration and mutual support are fundamental not only to solve and contribute to global challenges but also for our very survival “, he continues.

“Sustainability has never been considered more important than today, so there is great awareness: people have understood that this is a very serious issue that we must deal with”, he observes, underlining that “Italy is a country where there is ‘is a great awareness of sustainability “. Then reviewing the commitments made by the Group in recent years and the results achieved, Palt recalls that “in 2020 we defined our goals on the basis of a series of planetary limits: these boundaries allow us to say how many emissions we need to reduce, which resources we can still use and to what extent. We cannot afford to consume more than what is possible: this is how we define our sustainability goals. “