Pamela case, hearing in Cassation in January. The family: “Justice be final, confirm life sentence”

The confirmation of the life sentence or, on the contrary, a possible reduction of the sentence revolves around the aggravating circumstance of rape

The last act of the legal case on the case of Pamela Mastropietro, the 18-year-old Roman girl who left a community in Corridonia, was raped, killed, torn to pieces and her remains found in two trolleys in Pollenza (Macerata) could be staged in January. ) in January 2018. According to what we understand, the hearing has been set for the morning of January 23rd, before the Supreme Court, after the conviction, also in the second appeal, for sexual violence alone, against Innocent Oseghale already definitively convicted for the murder. The confirmation of the life sentence or, on the contrary, a possible reduction of the sentence revolves around the aggravating circumstance of rape. Therefore, in January, a few days after the sixth anniversary of the brutal massacre, the Court of Cassation will rule after the appeal of the accused’s lawyers.

“We hope that, this time, we can achieve definitive justice at least on this part of the painful story”, comments lawyer Marco Valerio Verni, lawyer for Pamela’s family and uncle of the 18-year-old Roman, to Adnkronos. “On the rest, despite the procedural truth having delivered only one person to our prisons, we continue to maintain that someone else, perhaps, should have kept Oseghale company – underlines the lawyer Verni – But who knows, if the life sentence was confirmed , the latter does not decide to collaborate”.

“The fact that we cannot have absolute certainty that he did everything on his own on January 30th, moreover, is hypothesized or left to hover, even in some procedural documents – observes Pamela’s uncle – This does not mean not recognize the work carried out so far by the investigating judiciary which, despite moments of tension, we thank, but, certainly, beyond the judicial data, there is an aura of mystery, made up of unanswered questions, which continues to pervade the entire story: from when Pamela moved away from the dual diagnosis therapeutic community in which she was hospitalized, to the demonic epilogue of her earthly life to some other dynamics and situations that occurred”. “Now, however, we must concentrate on the near future moment and – concludes Verni – hope that it will finally be the definitive one, through which we can definitively bring to justice, at least the one who, to date, appears to be the author of a unicum in the history of world criminology of the last fifty years”.

The lawyer Simone Matraxia, lawyer for Innocent Oseghale together with Umberto Gramenzi, underlines: “We hope for a calm evaluation and without prejudices of any kind”. “We believe that the conclusion reached by the judges of merit can only be considered absolutely illogical and, taking into account the additional evidentiary contributions of the referral proceedings, we believe that it is a contradictory conclusion”, he concludes.