Pamela Díaz demonstrates what is the perfect sports outfit for people over 40

Pamela Diaz He is not afraid of anything, and he has shown it more than once. She has already done it in front of the parents of his children, with whom he has faced legally over child support; and he has also done it in Carabineros for hacking his WhatsApp. “Yesterday the surprise happened to me that, from 12:00 onwards, I no longer have WhatsApp and I make it public so that all my contacts and all my people are asking for money. I hope it doesn’t happen to us anymore,” he said a few days ago .

“From there they are writing to several people, he wrote to me to send him a verification code, I obviously did not send it, but the one who did fall was Mariela Sotormayor who gave that code and her WhatsApp was hacked. So they are scamming, they are making several people fall from the telephone of the Pamela Diazsaid Luis Sandoval.

But La Fiera did not sit idly by and went to make the complaint. She told it that way in her stories of instagram: “I am here in the Carabineros de Chile because I came to make the complaint accordingly, even if it is a hassle, a procedure, I do everything. We came with Verito to report when my WhatsApp was hacked.”

Then he asked his followers to send him good vibes: “So a lot of positive energy and we will wait for the call, I hope I don’t continue sitting here. At least we already know the person’s account, who it is, we know what lives in Huechuraba, everything, let’s see what happens.” A few hours ago, pamela She told her networks that she left the reel and was tired.

The famous posed from her home wearing a multicolored sports outfit, ideal for women over 40. “Dear people, here I am raised from the dead. I went off the rails. They die, I got home very late,” she commented. pamela revealed that he drank three bottles of serum and “Holy Remedy”.