Pamela Díaz photographed herself in front of the mirror in a patterned bikini and shook the net

Pamela Diaz He has already decided that he will not go to the 2023 Viña Gala and has explained the reasons. In an interview with Las Últimas Noticias (LUN), La Fiera explained: “I don’t need to be more famous or well-known, what I need is to have a salary every month. Obviously I like the show and the red carpet show, but participating would mean an economic expense that I am not willing to assume”.

the beast He gave details of the cost of going to the Festival de Viña on February 17: “It has a cost of no less. Imagine, if you take a quick account and only if we consider transfers and stay, the eye comes out 400 thousand pesos. To that you must add the fees of your team, which are makeup, hairdressing, digital equipment for social networks and my assistant. They work for us in exchange”.

Pamela Díaz in front of the mirror. Source: Instagram @pamefieradiaz

But that wouldn’t be all because Diaz He also thought about the luxurious dress he should wear: “If you add the cost of clothing to that amount, it’s a lot of money. The cost of the dress depends on each one, if you want to spend 50 thousand or 4 million, it’s your right. But in all scenarios one loses”. Without filters, the communicator launched a hint for the organization of the Festival: “You don’t get a hotel, they don’t pay you anything. So I ask myself: ‘Why go?’, what does one gain?”

Pamela Díaz in front of the mirror. Source: Instagram @pamefieradiaz

Finally, pamela He gave advice to the organization: “I think they should approach all this in a better way. For example, that they give you the accommodation along with the invitation and, finally, you pay for the accommodation of your team. Something like that, some gesture that help cushion everything.” For its part, La Fiera will host a festival in Los Angeles on February 17 and 18, together with Jean Philippe Cretton.

In the last few hours, the famous posted two black and white photos on her official Twitter account. instagram, where she is seen posing in front of the mirror in a patterned bikini. “I liked my photo” he was honest with her followers. Her beach look was accompanied by a cowboy hat and sunglasses. The publication quickly exceeded 3,900 likes and 76 comments. “Which is not”, “Beautiful filter”, “What a beautiful pair of eyes hahaha” and “Beautiful Lady always imposing majestic. Her splendors shine brighter than the sun” were some of them.