Pamela Díaz revealed what makes her want to do in her most intimate moment

the television presenter pamela diaz The 41-year-old has always been characterized by not having a filter and that has worked both for and against him. There have been several clashes that she has had with colleagues and celebrities, but she has also earned the affection of her fans for being genuine.

pamela diaz He is one of the most important figures in Chilean news and his podcast called ‘Today is today’ is widely listened to. In addition, she is very active on social networks where she accumulates more than two million and a half followers who closely follow her steps.

In the last broadcast of his program where he had Chiqui Aguayo as a guest, pamela diaz He revealed what makes him want to do after a sexual encounter and shot his companions: “It doesn’t happen to them that after an orgasm it’s like they make me want to go running, to do things.”

“It makes me want to eat a churrusco” commented Chiqui Aguayo before the laughter of pamela diaz. “It’s like I’d like to have a barbecue ready there on the bedside table, all prepared. It’s sexy” Chiqui added and delved into the subject of how sex whets her appetite.

Pamela Diaz. Source: Terra archive

“I’m not hungry” finished pamela diaz and this confession of the Fiera immediately went viral on the net thanks to its enormous virtual fandom that is attentive to everything it says or does. It was she herself who replicated the clip in her stories from Instagram and wrote: “My friend the churrasco and my friend the jogger hahaha” and aroused the laughter of the entire community.