Pamela Díaz revealed with which celebrity she would let Jean Philippe Cretton be unfaithful

The television host Pamela Diaz The 41-year-old is one of the most controversial figures in the region and as a consequence one of the most followed on social networks. Only on Instagram, the Fiera, as she calls herself in the world of entertainment, accumulates more than two and a half million followers who are aware of her movements.

Pamela Diaz She shares for her enormous virtual fandom part of her daily life, previews of her work and also her best poses and looks, since she is the owner of an incredible beauty and figure as a result of her perseverance with physical exercise and good nutrition.

This week, Pamela Diaz showed in her postcard stories of her break with her boyfriend, the driver Jean-Philippe Cretton in southern Chile, especially in the city of Chiloé. “Dear people, I came to the sect where Jean-Philippe was hiding all this time. There he is, look at his beard, it has grown a lot, he is a different man, ”he commented to the brunette.

Pamela Diaz and Jean Philippe Cretton. Source: instagram @pamefieradiaz

It turns out that Jean-Philippe Cretton he went to a kind of retreat and then his girlfriend came to meet him for a romantic moment. Pamela Diaz It was recorded from inside the car in which they drive through their country and made a strong confession when counting on which celebrity would allow them to be unfaithful.

“People asked Jean if she would cheat on me and what celebrity would she do it with,” she says Pamela Diaz at the beginning of the clip and the driver just laughs at the premise. Then the Beast explains that Cretton He likes Beyoncé and that if she came to his door, he would allow her to be unfaithful as long as the brunette has permission afterwards.