Pamela Díaz’s daughter blew the net in a lace bra

Trini Neira is the eldest daughter of Pamela Diaz, with whom he always has fun moments on social networks. Although sometimes they get mean in some videos they upload, both defend each other. This was the case recently when La Fiera commented in “Textual Game” that her ex-husbands, Manuel Neira and Fernando Téllez, do not pay child support.

Shortly after, Pamela told in “With you in the morning”: “Manuel deposited me after this media thing, he caught up, I don’t have to thank him (…) he pays 290 lucas for each child and with that I have to be calm and arrive at the end of the month”. When the driver was downloaded in a video through her social networks, her daughter commented “I love you”, publicly showing her support.

Trinity He also made it clear that he is on his mother’s side when his father’s partner, Francisca Morales, attacked La Fiera saying “I can’t understand how they give so much screen to so many broken, crazy and liars for life. What a mess!”. The young woman immediately reacted on her networks: “Crazy? MMM yes. LOL. Liar? NO @pamelafierediaz”.

Trini Neira in front of the mirror. Source: Instagram @trini.neira

This weekend, Trinity was invited by a renowned brand of energizers to the Bad Bunny concert in Chile. Her mother shared the photo of the girl on her Instagram account with the caption “Her first event of hers” of hers. The young woman participated in her first Samsung event and La Fiera told about it proudly.

This was the month of October for Trini Neira. Source: Instagram @trini.neira

To end the month of October, Trinity He shared a “summary” of these 31 days in his Instagram stories. There, she showed new sneakers, some selfies, some drinks with friends and a photo where she is seen posing in profile with dark green pants and a black lace bra that raised the temperature in the networks.