Pamela Díaz’s youngest daughter imitated Trini Neira and radically changed her look

Pamela Diaz, The famous Chilean television presenter has shared a fun moment that she lived with her youngest daughter Pascuala through her social networks. In an Instagram story, the “Fiera” showed Pascuala’s new look, inspired by Trini Neira, her older sister.

In the video, Pascuala can be seen with makeup on her face and a drawing on her chest, imitating the tattoo of Trinidad Neira. The television presenter asks her daughter: “Do you think you’re okay? Why did you get those numbers?” Pascuala laughs and Pamela adds: “Do you think Trini is? You have to ask me for permission to get a tattoo.”

Pascuala’s similar tattoo. Source: Instagram @pamefieradiaz.

The publication has gone viral on social networks and has generated a large number of comments from followers of Pamela Diaz. Some consider that it is a sign of the complicity and love that exists between mother and daughter, while others criticize the exposure of the minor on social networks.

In any case, what is undeniable is that the video shows a fun and spontaneous moment between mother and daughter. In addition, it is interesting to reflect on the role that social networks play in people’s lives and in the exposure of private life in the public sphere.

Trini Neira, Pamela’s eldest daughter. Source: Instagram @trini.neira

Ultimately, the publication of Pamela Diaz and her daughter Pascuala shows a fun and playful part of the relationship between mother and daughter, but it is also an opportunity to reflect on the role of social networks in our daily lives and on the exposure of private life in the public sphere.