Pamela Prati and Mark Caltagirone: after the story to the GF Vip comes the replica of Eliana Michelazzo

Pamela Prati and Mark Caltagirone: after the story to the GF Vip comes the twist; what happened immediately after the episode.

An intense episode, that of GF Vip 7 aired last night, Monday 10 October 2022, on Canale 5. An episode during which Pamela Prati spoke about the stormy story of Mark Caltagirone.

Pamela Prati (Credits Mediaset Play)

The showgirl had promised to do so during her participation in the reality show and, last night, she told her version of the facts on what has been one of the most talked about gossip cases in recent years. A story from which unpublished details emerged: Pamela wanted us to reiterate that she is absolutely one victim of a love scam and not complicit. At the end of his story on TV, however, this happened.

Pamela Prati talks about Mark Caltagirone to GF Vip: what happened after the episode

After years of silence, Pamela Prati had her say on Mark Caltagirone. He did it live at GF Vip, where he revealed that he had also thought about taking his own life for too much pain. To Alfonso Signorini, the showgirl reiterated that she had been the victim of scammers who had the aim of ruining it. La Prati reveals that she has always been convinced of the existence of Mark, with whom she felt on a daily basis, but that she could not reveal her identity for a specific reason: he had told her that he was the son of a boss and a witness. of justice. A detail that had never emerged before yesterday.

Pamela says that she was convinced that Mark existed and was convinced that she would marry him: “I was the victim of an emotional scam”underlined the showgirl, who, after what she calls media pillory, suffered from depression, weighing 37 kg.

A story that has divided the audience: there are those who believe in the words and suffering of Pamela Prati and those who, on the other hand, continue to notice a lot of inconsistencies in the version provided by the showgirl. Who has not particularly liked the words of the competitor of the GF Vip is certainly Eliana Michelazzo, who, through Instagram, intervened.

The former agent of the showgirl, in the course of yesterday’s episode, shared a message in her story addressed to Pamela: “I don’t say anything but throw shit on me no. No.I haven’t denounced you because I’m respectful. But I’m tired, I’m me. Point. I forgot, come out what you are, which in there is not you. Hello”. Strong words those of Eliana, which she thus replies to the words of Pamela. The latter, in reality, did not mention any names in the course of the story, speaking of “scammers”. On several occasions, however, the showgirl has indicated Michelazzo and Pamela Perricciolo as the main culprits of this affair.

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Eliana Michelazzo (Instagram Credits)

We just have to wait for any new developments on this intricate affair. Have you followed Pamela’s story to GF Vip?