Pamela Prati and the Mark Caltagirone case: what did Alfonso Signorini know

Pamela Prati and the Mark Caltagirone case: what did Alfonso Signorini know about the story that for months has captured the attention of the public.

Among the most discussed competitors of the new edition of GF Vip there is undoubtedly her, Pamela Prati. The showgirl made her entrance into the house during the first episode of the reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini. Before crossing the red door, Prati performed on the notes of “Que te la pongo” and she promised that, during this experience in the house, we will find a new Pamela. What everyone is wondering, however, is whether, at home, the showgirl will address the topic ‘Mark Caltagirone’. To clarify everything was Alfonso Signorini, during the opening night of the show. Here’s what he revealed to him.

Pamela Prati and the Mark Caltagirone case: what will happen during her experience at GF Vip

Three years after what was a real media storm, Pamela Prati returns to the small screen. She does it as a competitor of GF Vip 7, a program in which she has already participated in the past, without a happy ending: the showgirl was expelled from the game and the taxi scene remained in the history of reality TV. This time, however, we will meet a new Pamela and it was she who ensured it. But the showgirl will talk about the Mark Caltagirone case during your stay in the house?

In summing up the whole complicated story linked to Pamela Prati’s fake marriage, Alfonso Signorini said: “One wonders who invented this story, if Pamela is a victim or an executioner. During this edition we will ask with her these questions that she never wanted to face again. She wants to do it ”. That’s right, the conductor confirmed that, during this edition of the GF Vip, Pamela will talk again about the Mark Caltagirone case, again providing her version of the facts. But that is not all.

In the house, Pamela will also find Giovanni Ciacci, who will join the rest of the competitors tonight, 22 September 2022. In the past, the columnist has expressed his opinion on the Caltagirone case several times, siding several times against Pamela. The two, however, have never come face to face and will do so right in the house. “If she was tricked I’m with her,” said Ciacci in the episode on Monday evening, reiterating, however, that he does not believe Pamela and the fact that the showgirl is just a victim in all this complicated situation.

Alfonso Signorini (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

We just have to wait for tonight’s episode to find out if tonight we will already know more about the story that for months has kept millions of viewers glued to the TV. Appointment on Canale 5 starting at around 9:40 pm. We will see some good ones!