Pamela Prati before becoming famous: this is what she did

Pamela Prati is very famous today but do you know what she did before she became famous?

Big Brother Vip starts tonight with the seventh edition. Alfonso Signorini is at the helm again this year. Beside him in the role of commentators are Orietta Berti and Sonia Bruganelli. Last year in place of the singer was Adriana Volpe. This year, as reported by the presenter, Signorini had asked her to enter as a competitor.

Pamela Prati before (credits: youtube)

She was blown away by the offer as she said that the conductor knew about her family matter and the impossibility of accepting such a proposal. So the sixth edition will not see the presence of the Fox. Alfonso this year wanted to play on the surprise effect and did not reveal the names of the competitors in advance. Usually on the cover of Chi they were in fact revealed shortly before.

At the moment we know, as stated by them, that in the cast there are Giovanni Ciacci, Wilma Goich and Pamela Prati. In recent days, however, some news has leaked about the competitors that we will see at home.

Pamela is there and she revealed it herself in an interview. She today she is much loved by the public. Since her debut she has come a long way by expanding her career more and more. But do you know what she did before she became as famous as she is today?

Pamela Prati, what she did before becoming as famous as she is today: not everyone knows how she started

Pamela Prati is a competitor of the sixth edition of Big Brother Vip. For the actress it is not the first time in reality. In 2016 she entered the house but due to her behavior, she had broken the rules several times and she was disqualified. Many will remember her final scene when she took her bags and repeated several times to get a taxi called.

Today she is ready to live the experience again inside the famous four walls: what will happen? She will surely surprise us as she has a very straightforward and passionate personality. In recent years, since she made her debut in the entertainment world, she has had the opportunity to expand her career. She has acted in major films in the cinema and on the small screen, we have seen her in the theater and she has been part of numerous television programs where she has played different roles. Over the years she has also ventured into the role of singer by releasing several singles. She needs no introduction today but do you know what she did before she became so famous?

pamela meadows first
Pamela prati, beginnings (credits: instagram)

Apparently the actress began working in show business as a model, after being discovered by a photographer. In the seventies she works a lot as a model and later gets some parts in sexy comedies of the eighties. And this is how in the following years she was noticed by many and chosen to undertake new experiences. Her success came strong and she over time became a highly regarded actress and beloved show business character.