‘Pampers Nuova Vita’, a plastic game from the recycling of diapers

The project, with the aim of making families aware of the recovery of used diapers through the recycling technology developed by Fater spa, takes a step forward thanks to the collaboration with Clementoni

Pampers Nuova Vita takes a step forward thanks to the collaboration with Clementoni. The project was born in Verona in January 2020 from the collaboration between Pampers, the Municipality of Verona, Amia – Multiservice Environmental Hygiene Company and Esselunga to separately collect used diapers for recycling through the plant developed by Fater spa, a company that produces Pampers products in Italy. , and operating at Contarina spa.

To date, 190 tons of used diapers have been collected by the project, thus avoiding the release into the environment of 77 tons of CO2, equal to that absorbed by 5,000 trees in a year; the raw materials contained in the used diapers are sterilized, recovered and made available for their new use.

One year ago Pampers started with the reuse of cellulose making a children’s book. Today, the Nuova Vita program takes a new step forward by also reusing plastic to create a toy thanks to the collaboration with Clementoni. Since 2019, Clementoni has embraced sustainability, launching Play for Future on the market, a transversal approach to all lines that offers eco-sustainable products made of recycled and recyclable materials with the aim of transmitting to children the importance of respect for environment through play. For the occasion, Clementoni presents a renewed edition of Baby Garden, the ‘garden’ of the Baby Clementoni line that refers to the Play for Future project. The new Baby Garden it will be made as always with 100% recycled plastic and 15% of the material will derive from the recycling of diapers of the Pampers Nuova Vita project. The pieces produced will be 3000.

“We have always believed that play can be a precious tool for the learning of children and others. We have therefore chosen to have an active role in promoting the values ​​of respect for the environment within a society that, more and more , places environmental sustainability at the center of the educational paths of the new generations, which is why – he explains Enrico Santarelli Chief Marketing Officer & Commercial Director Italy Clementoni – we strongly support these principles by integrating them into our offer, aware of the importance that games play in personal development. The idea is to offer toys made with recycled and recyclable materials, while also providing game themes that are as coherent as possible. This approach is the heart of the Play For Future project which today also evolves through a collaboration particularly close to our values, such as the one with Pampers which with the Nuova Vita project allows us to ground our know-how, the our values, our Made in Italy “.

“Pampers Nuova Vita is part of the broader sustainability strategy developed by the company – he declares Carlo Miotto, Baby Care & Corporate Digital Marketing Director of Fater – In fact, we are concretely committed to offering products that improve people’s lives and at the same time reduce the environmental impact of our activities. The Pampers Nuova Vita project in Verona is an important step: it is aimed at the recovery of used diapers and the enhancement of secondary raw materials that can be obtained from them thanks to the collaboration with citizens, institutions and business partners. Because only together can we make a difference. A year ago we created ‘La Nuova Vita di Lino’, an illustrated book for children made from recycled paper from used diapers collected in Verona, and today we take another step forward with a recycled plastic toy also made from used diapers ” .

But how does New Life work? Just download the Pampers Nuova Vita App and look for the nearest nappy collection bin which will open automatically when the smartphone is brought closer. A notification communicates the weight of the waste entered. There are eight innovative dedicated bins, the Smart Bins, located near kindergartens and supermarkets in the city of Verona. The diapers are then recycled in Lovadina di Spresiano where the diaper recycling plant is operating which recovers cellulose, plastic and super absorbent polymer, secondary raw materials that will thus have a new life in multiple production processes.