Pampita announced happy news

The Argentine model and host Carolina ‘Pampita’ Ardohain The 44-year-old is one of the most in-demand today both for her beauty and for her talent on camera. In addition, she maintains permanent contact with her fans through social networks where she accumulates more than seven million followers from all corners of the world who are aware of her activity.

Now, pampita used the social network of the little camera to announce happy news for her fans and that is that she will be the host of the Martin Fierro de Cable Awards together with her colleague Chicken Alvarez by the Argentine Chronicle channel. The ceremony will take place this Thursday and there the model will make clear the talent she has for driving.

“This Thursday, October 20, you will live the celebration of the most important cable TV awards on the screen of @cronicatv
We are already preparing with @polloalvarez with great joy to host the ceremony for the second year in a row! Do not miss it!!! #MFCronica #martinfierrodecable #Aptra #martinfierro,” he wrote Pampita.

Pampita and Chicken Alvarez. Source: instagram @pampitaoficial

Immediately his partner in the driving Pollo Álvarez wrote: “Vamooo Caro, to break it and have a nice time” to these messages in the publication where both are seen with the scripts rehearsing, the fans of pampita that left thousands of likes and hundreds of comments with good energy.

Pampita and Chicken Alvarez. Source: instagram @pampitaoficial

“Two friends. Two great ones. Congratulations”; The duo with Chino Leunis would have been nice” ; “How does pampita to be prettier without makeup?!” ; “What a good couple !!! They both seem like such good people!” and “I love the duo. They are very good professionals and excellent people. I love. There we will be watching the broadcast of the #martinfierrodecable Successes!!” were some of the reactions.