Pampita gives style chair with fitted black dress

pampita She is one of the most iconic celebrities in Argentina, but her beauty and talent transcend borders. This past Tuesday, the model was invited to a celebration at Studio 3 of Channel 9 of that country. There she inaugurated a new digital channel called #EPUChannel.

pampita was not the only celebrity invited but Luli Fernández, Mery del Cerro, Fer Dente, Benito Cerati, Marco Antonio Caponi, Clara Alonso, Angie Landaburu, Seba García and Mariana Genesio Peña also attended. The event was a set in which everything happened at the same time as in a live television: celebrity makeup and costumes.

For that special occasion, pampita wore a look in which it seems unbelievable that the driver is 44 years old and has five children. Benjamín Vicuña’s ex chose a fitted black dress that left her flat abdomen exposed and with an elegant rear closure. The original garment consisted of an armored bodice from which two belts came off.

Pampita. Source: Instagram @pampitaoficial

The publication of Instagram in which the wife of Roberto García Moritán showed her flirtatious outfit, it already exceeded 100,000 likes and 1,000 comments. The Argentine actress and designer Teresa Calandra asked him “Who’s dress is very good????”, to which many of her followers joined her request.

Pmpita posed from the front in a tight black dress. Source: Instagram @pampitaoficial

“It looks spectacular on you !!!!!” added the same famous. “Explosion of elegance, sensuality and those impressive curves were impressive at 20 and now with five children I am in love with you” and “I swear you can’t be skinny. You are very beautiful” were some of the beautiful compliments that she received pampita.

Pampita looked beautiful for the event. Source: Instagram @pampitaoficial