Pampita revealed if she would interview China Suárez in her program

Pampita has always stayed out of the scandals experienced by her ex-partner Benjamín Vicuña and her previous relationship, China Suárez. Every time journalists have detained her, she has not wanted to speak about it. However, recently in dialogue with Catalina Dlugi, on her radio program Agarrate Catalina, Pampita spoke a little about everything.

First, Pampita She was consulted by Wandagate, to which she replied: “I am very respectful of the family bond, which is what always prevails and I try to take care of it. We have a family bond and I don’t want any topic to interfere with that. For this reason, I am not tempted at all to speak about it publicly, nor do I like to be asked ”.

And he added: “If I could, I would avoid it, but having a daily program, the press comes looking for me, but I am very respectful of the work of the noteros, of the cameramen who are waiting at the door; That is why I always stop and I am at your disposal. “” You already know me and know that it is a door that I am not going to open, “he replied. Pampita very secure.

Source: Instagram @pampitaoficial

The model also referred to the greeting she shared on the networks to Benjamin Vicuña on his birthday. “It’s true, it was the first greeting I make public, but we have an excellent relationship. The video was made by my children with so much love … I did not do anything, the video was made by them in private; The three of them shut themselves up and it seemed so cute, so natural what they were saying that it made me want to share them ”, he asserted.

When asked if she would invite China Suárez to her ‘Pampita Online’ program, she replied: “Everyone is welcome. In addition, the atmosphere of the program is very friendly, we pay tribute to the interviewee … The interviews we do go more on that side. Our format has to do with the professional ”.