Pampita shows what is the ideal dress to say goodbye to 2022

Carolina Pampita Ardohain She is one of the most prominent Argentine artists. She is multifaceted, good at driving, dancing, jury duty and much more. With a life full of obstacles that she has always known how to overcome, now Pampita spends her days betting on life, good energy and leaning on her family.

The perfect dress. Source: Instagram @pampitaoficial

After a few years of challenges in his life, after the death of his daughter Blanca, who he had with Benjamin Vicuna, the complicated divorce of both, it’s been a few years since pampita He has managed to conquer calm and happiness. She formed a new family with the Argentine politician and businessman Roberto García Moritán, she was a mother recently and professionally everything is success and recognition.

Yesterday pampita She was present at an event that brought together the top of show business, accompanied by personalities such as Susana Gimenez, she participated in the inauguration of a top bar in Punta del Este, Uruguay. It is about Roof Top Huma, or as indicated by his instagram user @rooftophuma. There Pampita wore the ideal dress for this new year. Fitted, short, shiny at the front and sober at the back.

The “celebrity hotel” is coming Source: Instagram @pampitaoficial

pampita It is also announcing on its networks that on January 9, the second season of the reality show that it had the opportunity to host in 2022 premieres. It is the renowned “Hotel of the famous”. In addition, as it is the time of balances, Pampita took the opportunity a few days ago to post a photo of her family, and make a beautiful reflection:

Pampita and her family. Source: Instagram @pampitaoficial

“Letter to God from an adult – at Christmas… I don’t know if I asked you a lot or a little as a child… I don’t know if I believed in something else either… I don’t know how excited I was, nor do I know what I expected from life and from people , because I never questioned it, I think the life of a child is like that… I remember not having needed much to make life seem incredibly magical… I don’t remember when I stopped making cards or when I stopped putting a boot on the tree so that it would appear full… I only know that the memory of all that sweetens my life… If I remember anything, it is that it was a time when dreams came true and when people could have happy moments… Anyway, now as an adult, I just want to tell you that I did not forget to write to you, but now that letter is different… Today I would not ask you for anything that money can buy… Today I would like to believe again as when I was a child – in people, in miracles and in which the world can be better… Today I would like Christmas to really be the birth of a Something new inside of me. “