Pampita: this is the elegant collection of hats that she has for sale

The Argentine actress and host has her own line of hats. It is a venture carried out by a friend of pampita, As a result of his first name, the enterprise has the name of “Paz Hats”. Now the entrepreneur invited Pampita to create her own line, and she gladly accepted.

The hats. Source: Instagram @pampitaoficial

The line of hats created by pampita They can be seen in a traditional style, gaucho but with great elegance. It presents them in three colors, nude, brown and black. With some buckles and silver appliqués, they are the ideal hats to complete a jean and shirt look, and why not with good jeans.

Pampita and Peace. Source Instagram @paz.hats

However, Paz in a last Instagram post recounted all the influence he had pampita In the project, he wrote: “??She gave birth to our brand in 2014, you know…?? And I love this photo in particular, with our Baker Berets!?? May 2018, and we cheer for the Berets although they were still not seen much in Argentina… She always supported me, I took them as a gift and without hesitation she began to use them… And so our Argentine clients began to want to try them, and here we are 4 years later, all with our berets??. Is it hard to cheer up? Yes!!!! But it’s worth it, and you won’t want to stop using them??.
Thank you friend @pampitaoficial for always turning you on in all of them! Love you.”

Pampita’s employment news

The actress and model has just presented season 2 of “Hotel de los Famosos” in Argentina, a reality show that had a very good arrival last year and now renews the bet. pampita She is living a great present, happy, with her family, with her little daughter, the result of her marriage to the Argentine politician Roberto García Moritán.

This was Pampita’s end-of-year message on Instagram

pampita she has been very grateful in recent times, and thus closed her 2022 on the networks: Thank you 2022 for everything you gave us! Welcome 2023! Here we are waiting for you with a happy heart and full of wishes! Love, health, work, family and many dreams to fulfill! We raise the glass and surrender to the designs of God and the Universe!?????