Pancho Saavedra moves again and makes people laugh with the second season of ‘I’ll pick you up’

“Te paso a buscar” returns with new guests and surprises in its second season after the success of its debut last year, the talk show hosted by Pancho Saavedra returns with a new season that promises thrills and laughs in every episode.

The program “Te paso a buscar” will premiere its second season on Saturday, March 4 in prime time, immediately after “Tele13 central”, on the screens of Channel 13.

In its first season, the program captivated the audience with its intimate and moving format, in which Saavedra invited prominent national figures of the third and fourth age to talk about the human and the divine. In the privacy of this dialogue, the guests shared important moments in their lives, reflections and funny anecdotes.

This year, the second season will invite men and women from different walks of life to share their personal stories and careers as told by themselves. Saavedra will take them on an intimate walk to connect and reflect on what they have experienced, and thus share moments of nostalgia, laughter and humor.

Source: Channel 13

During each chapter, Saavedra will take his guests on a walk through different places, to connect and reflect on their lives, sharing moments of nostalgia, laughter and humor. Throughout the season, the program will feature the participation of prominent and beloved figures from entertainment, culture, sports and politics, among others.

Some of the guests who have come forward in a promotional spot that is already on social networks are actress Gloria Münchmeyer, known for her unforgettable villains on national soap operas; the current mayoress of Providencia, Evelyn Matthei; the actress of the emblematic series “Los Venegas”, Mónica Carrasco; and the beloved former soccer player, Carlos Caszely, among others.

In the photo you can see Carlos Caszely and Pancho Saavedra embracing looking at the camera
Source: Channel 13

Intimate and emotional conversations, an innovative format and the presence of outstanding characters make “I’ll go pick you up” one of the most interesting television shows of the moment. Don’t miss the premiere of the second season on March 4 and witness new stories that will surely excite you.

Check out the teaser of Te paso a buscar below

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