Pancreatic enzymes and Fedez alarm about shortage, the announcement: “Creon batch unlocked”

The decision was made after the drug supply table meeting. The Undersecretary of Health Marcello Gemmato: “Avoid hoarding”

Deficiency of pancreatic enzymes, in recent days the alarm was raised by Fedez. Today the “unlocking of a batch of Creon” was announced. “The commitment of Aifa”, the Italian medicines agency, “of the manufacturing company” has led to making available, “despite the current quota phase, further packs of Creon 10,000 IU, a medicine based on pancreatic enzymes : in today’s meeting” of the medicine supply table on Italian territory which deals with medicine shortages “it was announced that release of a batch of 38 thousand packs of the drugawaiting the next supplies already scheduled”, declares the Undersecretary of Health Marcello Gemmato. “We trust in the responsibility of patients and healthcare professionals for avoid resorting to hoarding and we remember that Aifa is continuing to support the Regions interested in importing the drug from abroad”.

The work of the technical table, promoted by Gemmato, in the presence of representatives of the Ministry of Health, Aifa and the pharmaceutical production and distribution chain (the members of the table also include general practitioners and NAS), were introduced by a greeting address from the Minister of Health, Orazio Schillaci. “The work of the permanent strategic group continues to deal with all issues regarding access, availability and sustainability of pharmaceutical goods for citizens”, was the opening comment by Gemmato, undersecretary with responsibility for pharmaceuticals. “The table – he explains – has been meeting periodically for over a year with the aim of identifying, at a strategic and operational level, shared initiatives to promptly resolve all situations that may determine, in the short and long term, unavailability or deficiencies of some types of drugs”.

“From today’s fruitful discussion – Gemmato highlights – no particular critical issues emerged, but rather concrete proposals on which we can all work together. We will continue to meet on a monthly basis to continue the collaboration of the Ministry of Health with Aifa and with all the players in the supply chain so that, where there is a shortage of a drug, all the necessary activities are put in place to guarantee therapeutic continuity for citizens. In this process, a key role is entrusted to correct information to patients, managed not only by the institutions but also by doctors of general medicine, by paediatricians of free choice, by pharmacists and by all those responsible for the citizen’s treatment process, who have the means and competence to direct him to the available alternatives with attention and timeliness”.