Paola Cortellesi guest on Stories, Monday 30 October at 9pm on Sky Tg24

AND Paola Cortellesi the protagonist of the new episode of “Stories”the series of interviews with the main performers of the show Sky TG24. Guest of the newspaper’s deputy editor Omar Schillacidirected by Roberto Contacts the actress and director talks about herself in “Paola Cortellesi – With your mouth closed”. On air Monday 30 October at 9.00pm on Sky TG24 it is always available On Demand.

He’s at the cinema these days with “There’s still tomorrow”, his first film as director, a black and white dramedy set after the Second World War, produced by Mario Gianani and Lorenzo Gangarossa for Wildside, a Fremantle group company and Vision Distribution, a Sky group company. Among the actors Paola Cortellesi, Valerio Mastandrea, Emanuela Fanelli, Romana Maggiora Vergano, Giorgio Colangeli And Vinicio Marchioni. It’s a film about “A tragic topic but at times funny. It is a contemporary film even though it is set in the past”, said Cortellesi. The protagonist is Delia torn between a violent husband and the hope of a better future. “Delia is a woman without ambitions as women often were who grew up knowing that the fate that would befall them was already written, therefore: getting married, being a mother, a wife”. “With a husband who was a bit like what happened to you and Alvaro is a horrible man…”. “In short, they are stories that we have also heard through the stories of many families. Personally, this story also has a lot of my personal history, of my grandmothers and great-grandmothers, but I’m not talking about the part related to violence, fortunately”.

A confidential and ironic chat, as per the actress and director’s style, who through the viewing of some clips, in a constant parallelism, talked about the film and a lot about himself: anecdotes from his own career, personal memories but also, obviously, the his thoughts on gender equality through the eyes and profiles of the characters created for “There’s Still Tomorrow”: “Alvaro – played by Valerio Mastandrea – he was a normal man in that period, this is the story of an ordinary family. And in my opinion, making him a normal man, like he was at the time, makes him much scarier than having him painted as a monster, because you encounter the monster once in a while, maybe never in your life. An ordinary man who behaves in this way is, in my opinion, much more frightening”. It’s still: “Clearly, a lot of things have changed since then, fortunately, but it is still incredible how much a certain type of prevaricating mentality has survived and it is absolutely in debasing the person, the woman next to you, that lies in the mechanism of oppression.” A time when women had to stay in their place. But not too far from today according to Cortellesi: “Of course, it has often happened to me, at work and not at home”. An era, however, also made of letters. Like the one Delia receives and which upsets the plot of the film. And Paola also admitted that she had kept some of her letters with her throughout her life: “Of my parents, one in particular, when I wasn’t yet doing this job, it had nothing to do with the activities I did, but it had to do with the girl I was and they told me they were proud and it’s a beautiful letter that I keep”. But there was also room for dreams. And when asked who he would invite to a dinner, the answer was: “Martin Scorsese, my dad who is no longer here, Jeeg Robot and Mariangela Melato”.