Paola di Benedetto’s secret to always being so fit: show everyone what she does

Paola Di Benedetto is always in great shape but do you know what her secret is? It is she who reveals what she does.

Paola di Benedetto she was very young when she started working in the entertainment world. In an interview with Cosmpolitan she said that it was her parents who somehow pushed her.

Paola di Benedetto, secret (credits. Instagra,)

During her adolescence she had fallen into a real black hole, she didn’t know what her attitude was and she was afraid of becoming big. Her mother and her father entered her in a competition and from that moment everything was born. She went to school and in the afternoons she spent hours in the television studios. Over the years we have seen her in many programs, she has managed to create a position for herself and she already has a strong career on her shoulders. Do you remember her to Ciao Darwin-The resurrection? She went down the stairs like Mother Nature in her in the third last episode, conquering the audience with her beauty.

Later we saw her at The Island of the Famous and at Big Brother Vip, where in the fourth edition of the reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini it was she who triumphed in the final confrontation with Paolo Ciavarro. Today Paola is a radio host and she reports, in the same interview, that everything she has managed to do at a professional level is due to her path on the radio. She is not lacking in popularity and even on social networks she is followed by thousands of people. It is on her instagram channel that she interacts with her followers by posting shots and stories. In some igs shared in the last few hours he showed what he does to always be so fit.

Paola di Benedetto, what she does to always be in such good shape: the host’s secret

Her very first contact with the world of entertainment and television came very early, when she was very young. After her parents pushed her into entering a competition, she realized that hers was her way.

In recent years we have seen her in various programs until she arrived on the radio and today she is an established radio host. Recently, on the occasion of the Sanremo Festival, you led, together with Roberta Capua and Ciro Priello, PrimaFestival, a spin-off of the event. Paola is very young but thanks to the commitment and the many sacrifices she has managed to create her own career path. She is very popular on her social networks, and it is here that she shares shots and stories, interacting with her thousands of followers. In some of his latest stories he has shown what he does to always be so fitare you curious to discover its secret?

paola di benedetto in shape
Secret fitness (credits: instagram)

Paola apparently follows constant training. We can see that she performs different exercises, for the legs, the arms, the abdomen, both in the free body and with the tools.

paola di benedetto in shape
Paola di benedetto, exercises (credits: instagram)

He is sporty but always very casual, in fact he seems to be wearing a coordinated suit. Here, the presenter trains constantly to keep fit: this is her ‘secret’.