Paolo Bonolis and Sonia Bruganelli: the decision that displaces everyone

Sonia Bruganelli reveals the decision made by her and her husband Paolo Bonolis: a twist that no one would have imagined.

In these years Sonia Bruganelli has managed to shake off the label of ‘wife of’ and has become an increasingly interesting character for the public and also for social networks. Of course, there is no shortage of detractors, but she wisely does not care and is simply herself.

Paolo Bonolis and Sonia Bruganelli, no one could have imagined (Credits: Instagram)

She has demonstrated this for years with the contents published on her Instagram profile (where countless times she has been accused of flaunting her high standard of living) and also when she played the role of columnist at the GF Vip 6. Experience that is about to repeat, contrary to what he had decided at first.

A few weeks ago she also explained the reasons that led her to accept Alfonso Signorini’s proposal for the second time. He talked about it even now, in a recent interview with Corriere della Sera: “The kids who grow up, the couple dynamics that change, the famous empty nest”, he explains, stating that a fun program like the GF Vip it is just what it takes to give it a sense of lightness and not to commit it too much.

He then made one to the well-known newspaper shock revelation about her and her husband, you would never guess what it is!

Sonia Bruganelli and Paolo Bonolis, no one would have imagined: what is about to happen

To push her to launch again in the adventure as a columnist of the historical reality was, however, also another element and that is the presence of Orietta Berti in place of Adriana Volpe. Between the two, as is well known, there has never been a great deal of sympathy and during the past edition it was clearly seen: “Now it is different. I’ll be with Orietta Berti: I admire and respect her, she doesn’t take herself seriously, like me ”.

As for her family, Bruganelli has announced a truly unexpected twist that will soon change many things. Everyone knows that she and her husband Paolo have been sleeping apart for some time and certainly not because things go wrong between them, quite the contrary. But now they have made another even more surprising decision: they will live in two different but communicating buildings from the terrace.

“Sleeping in separate rooms is a sign of civility! However, now we go further: I am arranging my new house, where I will move alone with Adele. Silvia stays with him ”, announces the columnist, assuring that this choice is by no means a symptom of a marital crisis. To be honest, the 48-year-old blonde considers it “the secret to staying together for life”.

Paolo Bonolis and Sonia Bruganelli
Bonolis and Bruganelli couple unexpected decision (Credits: Instagram)

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