Paolo Bonolis sheds light on Luca Laurenti: “It’s his choice”

Paolo Bonolis arrives to clarify his friend Luca Laurenti: “it’s his choice, that’s how he is”.

Fans of lately Luca Laurenti and the world of the web are wondering what happens to the comedian and host, who seems to have disappeared from the social world. To answer the people worried about Laurenti the colleague and friend get to clarify Paolo Bonolis.

Paolo Bonolis sheds light on Luca Laurenti: “it’s his choice” (Source Instagram)

Luca Laurenti he seems to have long since disappeared from the world of television and his fans have worried about the state of health of the conductor, musician and comedian, among the most popular in our country. To dispel the doubt about the strange situation of Luca Laurenti is his faithful colleague and above all friend for more than 30 years, Paolo Bonolis. The latter reassured the fans by explaining that “it’s his choice”. The general public, for its part, can’t wait to find its darling again Come on another one and laugh thanks to his cheerfulness. Paolo Bonolis in response to fans he explains what’s going on.

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Paolo Bonolis sheds light on Luca Laurenti

The teacher, always called by his friend Bonolis, apparently is fine. His multiple supporters need not be worried about the comedian’s health as everything is fine. Paolo Bonolis in response to all those who ask about his friend he says: “Luca is alive and fighting with us, but he is like ‘The loner of Rio Grande’. He lives alone, in the absence of communication, because it is his choice of life “. Probably the situation of the pandemic was not easy for the sensitive soul of Luca Laurenti, who will prefer to wait for the situation to improve before returning to the limelight.

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Paolo Bonolis sheds light on Luca Laurenti
Source Instagram

He thinks about giving a further explanation Marco Salvati, historical friend of both Laurenti and Bonolis. “Luca is often so out of the real world that in our imagination he is now closed in his home. Luca Laurenti leads a monastic life. He is a spiritual man. It is unpredictable and lunar as seen on television but it has a universe around it that deserves to be explored ”. Apparently though Luca Laurenti will be present with the new registrations of Come on another one, even if they haven’t started yet.

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We can’t wait to see the teacher again Luca Laurenti back on the small screen to make us smile and entertain.