Paolo Bonolis, that problem as a kid and how he managed to overcome it

Paolo Bonolis had a problem related to language as a boy: how he managed to overcome it

All Paolo Bonolis programs are a success. Since 2011 he has been at the helm of Avanti un Altro! and with him is the legendary Luca Laurenti. Today they are one of the most popular artistic couples, they have formed a very strong professional partnership and for years we have seen them together in television broadcasts.

Paolo Bonolis and that problem as a kid: how he overcame it (Credits: youtube)

Bonolis began his career in the 1980s by conducting children’s programs such as 3, 2, 1… contact! and especially Bim Bum Bam . You then conducted several successful programs for the RAI and Mediaset networks, including Blessed among women, The brains, Hi Darwin, Who framed Peter Pan?, Sunday in, Your business, The meaning of life. Today he is one of the protagonists of Italian television. There is a ‘background’ that belongs to his past that not everyone knows. This is a problem the host had as a kid.

Paolo Bonolis, that childhood problem: the conductor explains how he overcame it

We have mentioned it to a problem that was part of Paolo Bonolis’s past, when the conductor was just a kid. He never hid that he had a disorder that characterized his childhood and several times he talked about it.

When he was little he apparently had a stuttering problem. He repeatedly told it explaining how he managed to overcome it. During an old interview with Maurizio Costanzo’s interview he went into details: “Zagagliavo a lot, I was a Kalashnikov. Then I had this experience at the theater, many mothers ask me, we laughed at this thing … at school I had to be questioned in writing, otherwise the hour was up. Every now and then I still stammer .. “.

Paolo Bonolis, stammering
Credits: instagram

It would seem that this speech disorder that accompanied him as a child also had consequences on his social life. Thanks to acting, especially after having had a theatrical experience, and slowly, he was able to overcome the problem. Indeed, the conductor not only surpassed it but also developed a strong fluency in speech so much so that at the 2010 Guiness World Record he broke the record for the highest number of words said in a minute, to be exact 332.