Paolo Bonolis, the incredible background: it happened before the success

Few know this background on the beloved conductor Paolo Bonolis: what happened before the sensational success!

Today a beloved TV personality, one of the most loved and most followed Mediaset faces. Conducting Avanti un Altro with Luca Laurenti is really a blast. An artistic duo that works very well on the stage. Paolo Bonolis is one of the most loved Italian TV presenters of all time.

PAolo Bonolis, the background: it happened before the success (Credits: Instagram)

His career in the entertainment world is full of experiences that have made Paolo Bonolis a successful man in the Italian art scene. However, few will be aware of a background really particular that concerns Paolo Bonolis and in particular the period prior to success obtained over the years. What is it about? We tell you right away!

Paolo Bonolis before success: the unexpected background

A television face that conquers the small screen with its particular irony and sympathy, Paolo Bonolis is a highly respected conductor. His television career begins very early. His beginnings date back to the 1980s. We found Paolo Bonolis first as a host of television programs for children, do you remember Bim Bum Bam? But perhaps few know this background on the beloved conductor. It concerns in particular the period preceding the television debut and its consequent successor.

And did you know how Paolo Bonolis got famous? Today he is one of the iconic faces in the Italian show business, but everyone is wondering how Paolo Bonolis managed to become famous? A background that is told by the conductor himself.

Sitting on the stool in Silvia Toffanin’s studio, to Verissimo’s microphones, the beloved conductor Paolo Bonolis told a particular background preceding his success. How did he become famous? His ‘entry’ on the television scene happened by chance. Paolo Bonolis would never have thought of TV as a possibility, until then ..

I accompanied a friend to an audition, I was studying at the University. At the end of the audition in which many guys took part, the director said to me ‘And you? Come on, come in. When I entered they made some shots of me and asked me ‘What can you do?’, And I replied ‘Nothing’, they took me“- said the conductor.

paolo bonolis background success
Credits: Mediaset Infinity

He was soon convinced that this was the right path for him: “I didn’t really think about television at the time, but I realized it was my job when I started having fun. When I realized that it was a job that could also be done lightlyto”

And did you know this background?