Paolo Conte, for the first time a singer-songwriter on the stage of La Scala in a historic concert

Under the stars of Jazz, Paolo Conte illuminated the Scala in Milan and marked a historic moment for the Theater which for the first time saw a singer-songwriter with his repertoire take the stage. For La Scala it is a recognition of the iconic stature achieved by the artist in the musical panorama of our country and of his international appreciation.

An extraordinary concert in the truest sense of the word. Out of the ordinary, sold out in 24 hours.

Art, voice, music and poetry

Accompanied by an ensemble of 11 musicians and three choristers, the singer-songwriter described his world. Made of green milongas, gambling and raincoats, to name a few of his song titles. Art, music, voice, words, poetry.

Many artists in the audience. Among these Paolo Sorrentino, Biagio Antonacci, Madame, Maurizio Cattelan and Giuliano Sangiorgi.

“What I myself have tried to touch on the bigger ones is always the depth they can reach despite being light. In those micro-passages of harmony and words by Paolo Conte there is the whole history of the world” Giuliano Sangiorgi underlined on Sky Tg24.

Beyond the controversy

Also present was the Undersecretary for Culture Vittorio Sgarbi who responded in this way to those who contested the decision to let too light music enter the Piermarini.

“The repertoire is so consecrated, whether we like it or not, we talk about songwriters who have accompanied and marked our history. This is why the doors of La Scala must be open to those who have become memorable. And therefore, for example, Ornella Vanoni, Gino Paoli, Adriano Celentano The repertoire must be extended to all that belongs to us and that is living music”.
The superintendent of the Teatro alla Scala Dominique Meyer underlined: “It’s a beautiful evening, they are for those who build bridges, not barriers”.

From the stage, and in these days, no comment from Paolo Conte. But at the end of the first part he surprisingly added his “Dal loggione” and made the controversy slip away with the music.

Upcoming dates

For those who were unable to attend the concert, there is still the possibility of reviewing the concert that was filmed or of getting tickets for the next concerts: May 20th the new date announced at the Teatro degli Arcimboldi in Milan, June 6th at the Auditorium Parco della Musica di Roma in Rome, on July 15 in Perugia, on the occasion of Umbria Jazz, and on July 21 in Piazza della Santissima Annunziata in Florence as part of the Musart Festival.