Paolo Conte lights up the Auditorium: dream notes “under the stars of Jazz”

The first notes on the piano of ‘Aguaplano’ are enough to catapult the Cavea of ​​the Roman Auditorium into a dreamlike and timeless dimension: there is something mystical in the devotion of Paolo Conte’s music lovers, willing to surrender unconditionally to the poetic of the lawyer from Asti to the point of exploding in applause that smacks of gratitude for the umpteenth journey into a dream. And that’s exactly what happened last night, literally ‘under the stars of jazz’, in the open space of the Parco della Musica packed with enthusiasts of Conti’s atmospheres.

Conte doesn’t dialogue with the audience, he doesn’t need to, he only explains the songs that every spectator ends up interpreting and imagining within himself thanks to the evocative power of a mix of music and words of absolute level. However, the chansonnier maintains direct contact with those present, winks, smiles under his moustache, applauds his orchestra after a solo, hints at a bow, greets and makes gestures with his hands. There is no need for words, apart from those of the songs in the lineup. And the audience shows that it appreciates: it abandons itself to the exotic charm of ‘Alle prese con una verde milonga’ and ‘Ratafià’, it enjoys itself on the notes of ‘Dancing’ and ‘Come di’, it chases the harmonic turns of ‘Max’, ‘ Le chic et le charme’ and ‘The raincoats’, taste goodies for connoisseurs such as ‘The sentence’ and ‘Truck man’, be moved by the poignant beauty of ‘Madeleine’ and ‘Gambling’ and in the end let loose to the rhythm pressing of ‘Diavolo Rosso’ and ‘Via con me’.

Paolo Conte’s hoarse and unmistakable voice accompanies an orchestral ensemble of eleven extraordinary musicians on stage, who support the Maestro on this journey into author music: Nunzio Barbieri (guitar and electric guitar), Lucio Caliendo (oboe, bassoon, Percussions and Keyboards), Claudio Chiara (Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Baritone Sax, Flute, Accordion, Bass and Keyboards), Daniele Dall’Omo (Guitars), Daniele Di Gregorio (Drums, Percussions, Marimba and Piano) Luca Enipeo (Guitars ) Francesca Gosio (Cello), Massimo Pitzianti (Accordion, Bandoneon, Clarinet, Baritone Sax, Piano and Keyboards), Piergiorgio Rosso (Violin), Jino Touche (Double Bass, Electric Bass and Electric Guitar) and Luca Velotti (Soprano Sax, Tenor Sax , Alto Sax, Baritone Sax and Clarinet). At the end of the concert there is room for an encore of ‘Via con me’ and on the last notes of the evening the audience lets go singing in choir and clapping in time. It is the final ovation, with the Cavea of ​​the Auditorium standing up and paying an endless applause to its favorite author. The curtain falls on the Roman appointment, Paolo Conte’s magic has been accomplished again.