Paolo Kessisoglu and Luca Bizzarri, crazy: not everyone knows about this background

They are one of the funniest couples on TV, but few know what the relationship between Paolo Kessisoglu and Luca Bizzarri is like away from the cameras.

Raise your hand if you do not find the comedy of irresistible Paolo Kessisoglu and Luca Bizzarri: both with a past as theatrical actors, they met in 1991 and then started working together only in 1996 when they joined the Genoese cabaret group called Rotten Horses. A truly unique harmony, but do we really know everything about their partnership?

Paolo Kessisoglu and Luca Bizzarri, incredible: not everyone knows about this background (Credits: Instagram)

After the years in the theater, there has also arrived for them TV: many programs that have led to success and that have brought out the full strength of their understanding. Which certainly could not have come from two people who are too distant in real life, so the two comedians have a good relationship even beyond work. A friendship that has lasted for years, but with aspects that perhaps for some might sound singular.

In this regard, in an interview with Corriere della Sera, Paolo revealed: “We do not take holidays together and we are able to drive hundreds of kilometers without saying a word to each other. But when we are on stage the magic happens ”. Words from which it is possible to intuit all the spontaneity of their bond, born however after a beginning that not many would imagine. The actor also told this to the well-known newspaper.

Paolo Kessisoglu and Luca Bizzarri, the background on the first meeting: would you ever have said that?

Both very young, the two former faces of Café room and it’s Hyenasa program on which they worked first with Alessia Marcuzzi, then with Cristina Chiabotto and then with Ilary Blasi, they met for the first time at the audition to be admitted to the Teatro Stabile di Genova among over 300 candidates. The first approach was certainly not the best: “He passed me and I said ‘Come on, see you tomorrow'”, says Kessisoglu. The response of the future friend and colleague was somewhat unexpected: “He replied: ‘I do, you boh'”.

In short, it cannot be said that the feeling was born immediately. However, Paolo also admits that at that time he too was guilty of presumption and that usually those who choose to work in the show are basically insecure: “It is useless to go around it, if you do this job it is because you are insecure and you are looking for something that transforms his weakness “. The actor of Armenian origins therefore recognized that initially it was not ‘love at first sight’, but that then a special alchemy was born between them: “At the beginning we didn’t take each other, but then an alchemy arrived that still lasts now “. For thirty years the two beloved artists have shared joys and sorrows and give the audience lots of laughs with their never banal and always pungent irony.

Paolo Kessisoglu and Luca Bizzarri
Credits: Instagram

How many would like to have adventure companions like them in their lives?