Paolo Kessisoglu, the post to remember the parents who disappeared within 150 days

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“These are my parents. Within months of each other they said goodbye to me. I spent more or less 150 days disposing of and cataloging (thanks for giving me a sister to share the experience with) everything that was there, everything that remained of a life, actually two”. Thus begins the post on Instagram that the comedian Paolo Kessisoglu dedicates to his father and mother, who died a short distance from each other.

“Their lives as people, not as parents”

In this period the actor got to know better new sides of both thanks to the reading of a correspondence between the two: “Strange things happen when you no longer have a wall to lean on behind you. I realized that my attention during the work went more to photos and documents that concerned their lives as people, not as parents. I found hundreds of love letters sent from the barracks where dad did his military service (forgive me dad if I couldn’t resist reading some excerpts), photographs of engaged couples, travel documents”.

“I discovered an unknown side”

The comedian continues in his Instagram post: “I discovered an unknown side, infinite sweetness, unknown dreams, passions that time and the role of educators had faded. I felt a renewed esteem blossom in me and an immense sense of gratitude to those who gave me a life and provided an example. To me son, a role that unfortunately I can no longer exercise, I say that I would have loved to know much more about those two people, their dreams, expectations, renunciations and passions that I may have never understood”. And he closes with a wish: “To anyone, what kind of child can still be, I say do not forget that parents are first of all men. Thanks to mum and dad, thanks to Graziella and Pietro”.