Paolo Pietrangeli died, the author of ‘Contessa’ was 76 years old

The singer-songwriter had been ill for some time

The singer-songwriter Paolo Pietrangeli died at the age of 76. This was announced by Maurizio Acerbo, national secretary of the Communist Refoundation Party – European Left, recalling that Pietrangeli “had long had health problems that prevented him from intervening with his powerful voice in initiatives that he supported and shared. But as a good and always ironic giant. he always tended not to dramatize the situation “.

“Every time we asked him to help us – Acerbo still remembers – he humbly made himself available. He felt the duty to help rebuild a new left in our country. In 1999 he wrote in the beautiful ‘Il canto per Rifondazione’ that ‘a communist is the moral commitment’. A commitment that Paul with generous humanity never gave up “.

The singer-songwriter has always been politically committed, and his most famous piece is ‘Contessa’, a song that “never made it to the radio but became a hymn sung by millions of students and workers”, Acerbo still remembers, greeting Pietrangeli as ” a comrade to whom we will never stop saying thank you for what he represented for the history of culture, movements, the left and also of our party. With his songs Paolo gave voice to the long Italian 1968 and also to the reflection on defeat “. “Hi Paolo. Those who have companions will not die”, concludes the secretary of Rifondazione.