Paradice Music, theater and ice instruments on Presena

High altitude music review

The first edition of Paradice Music is staged on the Presena: at an altitude of 2600 metres, between Val di Sole (Trentino) and Valle Camonica (Lombardy), 20 live shows will enrich the winter ski season with notes. From 5 January to 25 March, un ice theater with 200 seatsthe Paradice Arena, will host the new format that combines music and architecture, with particular attention to environmental and social responsibility.

The instruments are also on ice that the Paradice Band, led by the musician Roberto Marzucchi, will use during the concerts: guitars, basses, violas, horns, ukuleles, just to name a few. Real works of art capable of giving spectacular visual as well as acoustic effects, created by Lino Mosconi, Giorgio Tomaselli and Matteo Aielli. Three artists who know these peaks and these territories very well (they all live between Ponte di Legno and Vermiglio). “Ice – explains Matteo Aielli, architect and sculptor – is a simpler material to work with than wood because it has no veins. And it produces a different, colder sound. In all senses. They are in no way comparable. The instruments resist because they remain in the cold, on the stage. The igloo thus becomes a safe space, where the temperature is constantly below zero. The hot air generated by the breath of the spectators is instead channeled upwards and leaves the structure through a hole”.

The originality of the tools used then lies in the fact of skilfully combining wooden cores and ice structures. “This last element – continues Aielli – gives musical instruments an amplified sound. Particularly important characteristic in the percussions (drums and congas) and in the didgeridoo, a wind instrument originating from the aboriginal populations and over one and a half meters long”.

Beyond the originality of the concert structure and the musical instruments used, the Paradice Music contains a particular environmental attention: in fact, the igloo theater will naturally melt in the spring. “After the concerts, the spectators are pervaded by the sensation of having lived an incomparable experience, precisely because they can listen to music produced with instruments destined to melt later. However, it is essential that this reaction prelude to a new awareness of the importance of water as an essential asset, on which the future of the Alpine passages and mountain communities depends”, remarked Fabio Sacco, director of the Val di Sole. In addition to being environmentally sustainable, the event also becomes a means of social responsibility. “This aspect is very important to us – underlines Michele Bertolini, director of the Pontedilegno-Tonale Consortium – because the projects we build must be an opportunity for work and above all for growth for the young people of the area. Only with this approach, capable of combining environmental protection, economic development and distribution of wealth, can we guarantee a future for the mountain valleys”.

For almost three months, the very rich Paradice Music calendar, organized by the Pontedilegno-Tonale Consortium, the Val di Sole Tourist Board and Trentino Marketing, includes two weekly appointments: those on Thursdays will be animated by Paradise Band, formation of local musicians who will accompany the public proposing a different genre each time (from the 60s to the 90s, with ad hoc tributes to the Beatles, Bob Marley, Queen, Franco Battiato, AC/DC). In those of Saturday they will alternate outstanding artists and groups, in a continuous succession (and contamination) of pop, rock, classical, indie, swing, folk and reggae. Among the guests, Marlene Kuntz who will perform on Saturday 11 February, and Irene Grandi on 18 February. And then again: Don Diego Trio, on January 7; Surfer Joe, March 11; Rebel Rootz, March 25th.

“We are certain that the program developed and the originality of the initiative will bring a significant presence of both Italian and foreign tourists to Presena, many of whom are not regular skiers”, underlines Bertolini. In fact, the concerts will also be usable by those who do not access the ski resorts of the area: the Paradice Arena is located near the Paradiso cable car, which leaves from Passo Tonale. Among other things, music will not be the only protagonist. During the event, in fact, six high-altitude dinners will be held in the nearby Passo Paradiso refuge: after the concert at 6pm on Saturday you can taste the gastronomic excellences of Trentino and Lombardy, with a view of the glacier. The appointments are scheduled for 7 and 28 January, 11 and 25 February, 11 and 18 March. Two of these will feature starred chefs who will prepare refined gourmet dinners: on 11 February it will be the turn of Fabio Cordella, of the ‘La Veranda del Color’ restaurant in Bardolino (Verona), while on 11 March it will be the turn of Sara Preceruti, of the ‘Acquada’ restaurant in Milan.