Paris kills German tourist shouting ‘Allah Akbar’: he had already been arrested in the past

The attacker, a radicalized Islamist, also appears to have suffered from psychiatric disorders. Two injured. Minister Darmanin: “My life is not in danger”

Terror last night in Paris near the Eiffel Tower. A German tourist, of Filipino origin, was killed and two people were injured. The French national anti-terrorism prosecutor’s office is investigating what happened. The victim – Le Figaro learned from a police source – received several blows to the head, back and shoulders. One of the injured, an English tourist, was hit in the eye with a hammer. The firefighters took care of him.”Their lives are not in danger“, said French Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin who went to the scene of the attack. A fourth person, the partner of the killed victim, is “in shock”, in the words of the Interior Minister.

The killer began his deadly spree shortly after 9pm between the Grenelle pier and Bir-Hakeim. He attacked the German tourist first. He then fled across the Bir-Hakeim bridge thanks to the intervention of a taxi driver who saw the scene. He was then chased by a team of police officers from the 7th Arrondissement and attacked the other two people. When the four police officers got out of their vehicle to arrest the suspect, he “had his hands in his coat saying he had explosives on him” and attempted to run away. Faced with the threats, one of the officers fired his Taser “twice”, explained the Interior Minister.

A radicalized Islamic man, the attacker had already been arrested in July 2018 for a violent attack, then sentenced to five years in prison, one year of which was suspended. He was under psychiatric care, according to Minister Darmanin. He was placed in police custody for murder and attempted murder and the National Anti-Terrorism Prosecutor’s Office took over the case.