Paris, pro-Palestine demonstration dispersed: 10 arrested

In Paris, the pro-Palestine demonstration, which gathered around 3,000 people, was dispersed by the police after the launch of tear gas and the use of water cannons. Ten people were arrested and 24 were reported to the police for violating the law. Among the protesters’ slogans were slogans such as: “Palestine will win”, “Israel murderers, Macron an accomplice”. Other pro-Palestinian rallies took place across France despite the ban. In Rennes there were around fifty demonstrators, in Lille almost a hundred but a dozen were stopped for resisting a public official. And again, in Toulouse, a hundred people took to the streets (ALL LIVE UPDATES – THE SKY TG24 SPECIAL).

The ban on pro-Palestinian demonstrations

Tensions erupted after the French Interior Minister, Gérald Darmanin, ordered a ban on pro-Palestinian demonstrations across the country and the arrest of organizers and “troublemakers who disturb public order”.

Macron: “Answer and Israel be strong and just”

Meanwhile, in his live TV speech to the French from the Elysée, President Emmanuel Macron said that Israel, “faced with the most tragic attack in its history”, must give a “strong and just” response. Strong – he added – because it’s right.” The president then warned those who do not absolutely condemn Hamas’ attacks: “when faced with terrorism – he said – one must never say ‘yes…but…'”.