Paris, Zemmour’s son causes an accident: 2 injured. He was drunk

Hugo Zemmour, eldest son of French far-right leader Eric, 25, has come under investigation on charges of having caused a serious road accident last Saturday in Paris in which two people were injured. The man would have been found in a strong state of intoxication and has been in custody since this afternoon. According to Le Parisien, in fact, Zemmour had a high blood alcohol level (1.6 g of alcohol per liter of blood, more than 3 times higher than the legal limit) when he ran off the road in the 6th arrondissement of the French capital.

He was going at high speed and would not have respected a right of way

A knife was also found on board the car he was driving, which the investigating judge deemed an improper weapon. The accident occurred when the young Zemmour, who was driving at a fast pace, did not respect a precedence and ran over a scooter carrying two people, at the corner between the very central rue de Vaugirard and rue Cassette. The person driving the moped was seriously injured in the legs, the woman who was with him was hospitalized but her life is not in danger.