Park Litter, 5 waste per square meter

The results of the Legambiente survey. Monitoring in 56 parks in 28 cities

31,961 waste was collected and cataloged by 697 Legambiente volunteers in the 66 transepts carried out in 56 urban parks in 28 cities, about 5 waste per square meter monitored. These are the data from the new Park Litter 2022 survey released on the occasion of Puliamo il Mondo, the historic volunteer campaign of Legambiente, the Italian edition of Clean up the World, which for 30 years has called to action, at the end of September, citizens of all ages to clean up green areas, streets and squares, corners of the city, but also banks of rivers and beaches together from abandoned waste.

This year the appointment throughout the peninsula will be for 30 September and 1-2 October: over a thousand events scheduled from north to south Italy. To open the mobilization weekend, Friday 30 October, the event organized in the Capital with a cleaning day, at 10, in Piazza di Porta San Lorenzo. Motto of this edition ‘Thirty years of Clean the World for a climate of peace’.

To be the master, among the abandoned waste, cigarette butts which represent 42.2% of those collected (13,483 out of 31,961 total), followed by bottle or jar caps and tin tabs (3,005 pieces found equal to 9.4% of the total), unidentifiable pieces of paper (2,575, 8.1%), pieces unidentifiable plastic (1,838, 5.8%), glass bottle and bottle pieces (1,710, 5.4%) and bags of chips, sweets and candies (1,009, 3.2%). As for the Dpi (personal protective equipment), the masks were found in 25 of the 56 monitored parks (44.6% of the parks) while the gloves in 7 of the 56 parks (12.5% ​​of the parks). Most of the waste found, in addition to the category of smoking waste, is attributable to that of ‘disposable’ products and those of ‘packaging’ which represent respectively 21% (6,622 pieces) and 26% of the total (with 8,189 pieces).

“In these thirty years we have cleaned the world – he declares Stefano Ciafani, national president of Legambiente – has contributed to raising awareness among citizens of the importance of environmental protection, correct waste management and the role of individuals in improving the decorum of common spaces. We have done this with the eight million citizens who have participated in the cleaning since the early 90s, with whom we have also launched numerous virtuous paths to enhance the territory once characterized by degradation. But in addition to the commitment of citizens, it is good that the institutions also do their part with interventions to promote the circular economy, for example by facilitating the construction of recycling plants, starting from the Center South, simplifying the tortuous approval process. of the End of Waste decrees on secondary raw materials, promoting green purchases, economically penalizing landfill disposal more and more and making the most virtuous users pay less with punctual pricing. Only in this way will we free ourselves once and for all from the dictatorship of waste disposal plants “.

Returning to the Park Litter survey, the monitoring has been carried out in 56 public parks in 28 cities (Ancona, Avellino, Bari, Borgaro Torinese (TO), Cagliari, Castel Maggiore (BO), Cesena, Chiaravalle (AN), Florence, Genoa, Milan, Naples, Nicolisi (CT), Perugia, Pescara, Piacenza, Pineto (TE ), Policoro (MT), Pozzuoli (NA), Rome, Rovigo, San Donà di Piave (VE), San Pietro in Cariano (VR), Sant’Arpino (CE), Succivo (CE), Turin, Varese, Verona) in which a total of 66 monitoring transects of 100 m2 each were carried out, for a total of 6,600 m2. Grouped by material categories, the waste dispersed in the parks is 62.1% of artificial polymers (plastics) for a total of 19,844 waste, 13.5% of paper and cardboard (4,327 waste), 12, 7% metal (4,055) and 7.1% glass and ceramic (2,260). The remaining percentage of waste (4.6%) is made up of rubber waste, organic material, treated wood, textiles, bioplastics and mixed materials and WEEE.