Parliament, Bicameral rebus for Meloni: new stalemate on Rai Supervision

At work to untie the knot next week, Todde-Appendino on pole for guidance of the control body viale Mazzini

The center-right struggles on the risk of the Bicameral presidencies. A clear spell was expected this week but it never came. Indeed, a new grain has been added, that of the election of the so-called special judges (we are talking about tax and administrative justice), skipped because out of 12 boxes at stake, Fdi has stumbled to keep 9 and leave 3 to the minority, making all the Pd is furious. But the real crux, they say, on which any negotiation would get bogged down is that of Rai Supervision.

At present, according to what Adnkronos learns, there is still no name for the presidency, which belongs to the opposition, in this case to the Five Stars, given as favorites on the Third Pole. There would therefore be no agreement in principle on Alessandra Todde, vice president of M5S or the former mayor of Turin Chiara Appendino, both considered in pole and not divisive compared to Riccardo Ricciardi, also ‘vice’ of the Movement, whose prices would be down.

In short, everything would be frozen and postponed to next week, given that via della Scrofa, they report, does not want to bring the Rai case to the Greek calends (according to the ‘distribution scheme’ still in force, the Melonians would be responsible for the vice president of Supervision , the name remains top secret for now so as not to burn it), nor the appointment of presidents and ‘deputies’ of the commissions of the Chamber and Senate, from the Anti-Mafia to NATO, passing through the CDP and regional affairs, just to mention the most coveted ones.

majority parliamentary sources, Schlein has his say on ongoing negotiations

According to centre-right parliamentary sources, the current stalemate is also due to the ‘Elly factor’: the new secretary of the Democratic Party, Elly Schlein, in fact, would have let it be known that she wanted to put her mouth on the grid of the names of the Bicameral and also on Rai Supervision (despite having obtained his party the presidency of Copasir). According to some, Schlein’s interest is simply linked to his new role as leader of the Nazarene party. According to others, however, it would be a way to raise the bar in the face of the ‘ace take-all method’ used up to now by Giorgia Meloni (cause of the clash between Fdi and Dem in the Chamber of Montecitorio, last Tuesday, on the vote of the members of the so-called special judiciary).

Opposition parliamentary sources deny the reconstruction of the majority. “On our part, there is no blockade, quite the contrary. We have been urging the settlement of the commission for some time. It is the center-right that is stalling”. Another knot to solve is within the center-left: how to ‘compensate’ the third-party activists, in particular Italia Viva, who have always focused on the leadership of the parliamentary control body of the company in viale Mazzini. In the M5s house, parliamentary sources say, many are confident in the successful outcome of the negotiations, trusting in a sort of axis with the Fdi to carry out a sort of ‘depidization’ process of Rai, while others continue to fear that in the end the third parties could have the upper hand and place their name.

As for the times, the match of the Bicamerals, closely linked to that of Rai, seems very open, at least for the whole weekend. For the Supervisory Authority, there is still no date set for the inauguration, even if the letters of convocation from the presidents of the Chambers to the members of the bicameral body left yesterday.