Parliament, final rush for the committees: presidencies, names in pole

In Montecitorio we vote tomorrow at 2pm and 3.15pm, in Palazzo Madama the day after tomorrow at 10.30am and 12pm

Final rush, with some inevitable fibrillation, however the election of the presidents of the standing committees and of the Bureau, scheduled for tomorrow in the Chamber at 2 pm for the first seven and at 3.15 pm for the other seven. In the Senate the appointment has been moved to Thursday morning, at 10.30 for the first five and at 12 for the other five, to avoid a throttling of the times for the Nadef exam, scheduled for tomorrow, even if the postponement and the failure contemporaneity could create some suspense if everything does not go smoothly at Montecitorio.

The agreement for the subdivision of the 24 presidencies, with the attribution of 12 to the Brothers of Italy, 7 to the Lega and 5 to Forza Italia, holds up, while on the names the puzzle still needs to be completely defined, with the need for some filing between and in the parties. However, some candidacies seem to be armored: this is the case of Stefania Craxi (Fi) at the Foreign Office of the Senate, of Giulio Tremonti (Fdi) at the same body of the Chamber and of Giulia Bongiorno (Lega) at the Justice of the Senate. Among the other names in clear advantage, for Fratelli d’Italia, those of Federico Mollicone for Culture, Marco Osnato for Finance and Carolina Varchi for Justice are worthy of mention, even if the latter two could be threatened by Ylenia Lucaselli.

Returning to Palazzo Madama, Fratelli d’Italia should indicate Alberto Balboni for Constitutional Affairs (with Marcello Pera in the running for the leadership of a possible commission for the Reforms), Nicola Calandrini for the Budget, Luca De Carlo for Agriculture and Francesco Zaffini for Health. In addition to Bongiorno, the League in the Senate is ready to field another former minister, namely Massimo Garavaglia (for Tourism in the Draghi Government), who should go to Productive Activities, while Roberto Marti is aiming for Culture.

In the Chamber Igor Iezzi, current commissioner of the old Northern League, is the most popular name for constitutional affairs, even if he would be undermined by Nazario Pagano of Forza Italia, who started grappling with a complicated mosaic to satisfy those who failed to enter the government , in particular Ugo Cappellacci, Francesco Battistoni and the former group leader Paolo Barelli.

Returning to the Carroccio, for the Defense Nino Minardo would seem to have an advantage over Paolo Formentini and Eugenio Zoffilli, while for the Finance one thinks of Alberto Gusmeroli. A few more days, however, as regards the race to lead the guarantee commissions, the prerogative of the opposition. For next Tuesday, November 15, the Senate Election and Immunity Committee has been convened, which could see Dario Franceschini being elected to the presidency.

For Copasir the names of the Dems Francesco Boccia, Enrico Borghi and Lorenzo Guerini continue to circulate, while for the Rai Vigilanza Riccardo Ricciardi (or alternatively Alessandra Todde) would be in the running for the M5s, even if Maria Elena could get to the cards Woods, indicated by the Third pole.