Parliament, Pd calls for a meeting with Third Pole on appointments but Richetti: “Enough games”

The 5 Stars vote the names for the Vice-Presidents of the Chamber and Senate

After the pressing of Action and Italia Viva on the Democratic Party, the fibrillations in the opposition continue on the eve of the vote on the institutional appointments for the vice presidents of the Chamber and Senate.

PD – From the Democratic Party Marco Meloni on behalf of the Dems, sources from the Nazarene let us know, he asked for a meeting in Action / IV in view of the institutional appointments that will be voted on tomorrow. At the moment, however, neither an interview nor a meeting has been scheduled, the same sources say.

THIRD POLE – But the group leader in the Camera del Terzo Polo, Matteo Richetti declines the invitation. “I received a phone call from Marco Meloni to see us tomorrow. I told him ‘very well, then there is a willingness to recognize at the Terzo Polo one of the 4 vice presidents between the Chamber and the Senate’ – he explains to Adnkronos -. Meloni’s response it was no …. He told me the meeting was to talk about other appointments. The councils, the presidencies of commissions … I repeated that we are ready to vote the candidate of the Democratic Party, if they vote ours and not that of the 5 Stars. Melons said they are not available. So why all this rush to see us in the morning? Enough with these games, enough with the wide field. If they are available, we sit down. If we have to meet just to see each other, I don’t understand the meaning of the call. ”

M5S – On the other hand, the 5 Star Movement goes straight on its way and, as far as we learn, it will put to the votes the pentastellated names for the vice presidents of the Senate and the Chamber. At Palazzo Madama, where it is assumed that the Movement will take up the task, the designation of Mariolina Castellone is now taken for granted. In the Chamber, on the other hand, the names at stake would be those of the former minister Sergio Costa and the vice president of the Movement, Alessandra Todde. M5S deputies and senators will therefore meet again tomorrow. The 5 Stars, more generally, should put all the members of the presidency offices of the Chamber and Senate to a vote. It is not yet clear, however, whether the vote will take place in the meeting or will be expressed in another way.