Parliament, Renzi: “Pd masochist, is Meloni’s best ally”

Hard post by the leader of Italia Viva: “With the 5 Stars they have made a pact between them to eliminate us from the table

“As in the election campaign, the Democratic Party was therefore Meloni’s best ally“. Matteo Renziin a harsh post on Facebook, he accuses: “What happened yesterday should be studied in the manuals of parliamentary strategy as an example of inability to do politics. In parliamentary democracies there are representative roles for the opposition. Pd and Cinque Stelle have made a pact between them to eliminate us from the table. It had never happened in previous legislatures that a political force was totally wiped out from the presidency offices. Never happened! By eliminating us from the vote in the Chamber, the seats for the opposition paradoxically decreased, passing from 14 to 12: Fratelli d’Italia had two more classroom secretaries because we and the autonomy group were forced by the arrogance of Pd-Grillina to stay out of the classroom. As in the election campaign, the Democratic Party was therefore Meloni’s best ally “.

“There were 12 seats left, instead of 14. The Democratic Party with 107 parliamentarians got 5 seats; the Five Stars with 80 MPs took 7 seats: thanks to some dem and five-star snipers, the madness of this Democratic Party gave the grillini two more places. Two candidates of the Democratic Party, both from Emilia, were rejected by the snipers dem and grillini – affirms Renzi – It’s called friendly fire. And then there is still someone who wonders where the snipers live? “.

“Two issues arise. The first is the lack of representation of a force that still took 8% of the votes: it is a very serious wound for a parliamentary democracy – underlines the former premier – They cry out against the authoritarian danger of their opponents and The second is political: the Democratic Party with the most votes gives more places to the Five Stars (and unknowingly to the Brothers of Italy) by sacrificing even two of its own candidates in order not to make the deal with us. seen a party more masochistic than those who donate blood to their opponents in order to attack us every day: sooner or later the spell will vanish and they will realize what they are up to “. “But is there no one in the Nazarene who has the courage to say that this strategy is hallucinating?” Asks the controversial leader of IV.

“In the meantime, they give the papers to the newspapers: Renzi is controversial because he wants to be president of Copasir. Obviously I don’t even think about it. I want to do politics and I can do it even without an institutional role – he continues – But the idea that they attack me on the personal – the same people who have not opened their mouths after the shameful campaign against my family and after the acquittal of my parents – speaks volumes about how certain leftists conceive politics only as personal hatred “.

“They vetoed us in the alliances, they lost the elections, they left us out of institutional agreements, they miscalculated, they made the grillini the first opposition force and instead of going into hiding they gossip behind their backs not having the courage to apologize in public – the post still reads – I will not be the President of Copasir, I will oppose as a simple senator. I wanted to be a minister. I didn’t argue, I did politics. Thanks to that move, Conte went home and Draghi arrived, saving the country “. “They will continue to attack me on a personal level, using all the weapons from the tissue papers to the newspapers to the judicial attacks: I will continue to respond with a smile, doing politics. Because politics is different from what they do. And the voting numbers. in Parliament yesterday – concludes Renzi – they prove it definitively “.