Parliamentary intergroup for the fight against climate change is born

Installation scheduled for February 1st

The inauguration of the office is scheduled for February 1stparliamentary intergroup to combat climate changepromoted by the Abruzzo senator of the Democratic Party Michele Fina, who explains: “It is the debut of a place of discussion which I hope will serve to take an objective and non-ideological picture of the effects of climate change; in order to recognize the needs that derive from the need for a sustainable change in the development model. For this reason I hope we can work, beyond the memberships, to set up a bicameral commission of inquiry on the subject. I am happy that a broad, transversal adhesion has arrived to the alignments, a sign that there is a widespread awareness of the urgency of putting in place actions and solutions to contrast, adapt and prevent the growing climate chaos”.

These are the objectives: the ecological transition fairness of the economy, oriented towards circular development models and attentive to social inclusion; give shape and implementation to new article 9 Constitution which provides for the protection of the environment, biodiversity and ecosystems; a transition pointing to reduce energy poverty; stimulate theenergy efficiency of buildings, urban regeneration and landscape protection; take the lead new technological frontiers such as nuclear fusion; strengthen the link between transitions twins, that ecological is that digital; give strength to the mobilization, done in the correct forms, of the new generations.

In addition to Fina, the following senators have so far joined: Susanna Camusso, Carlo Cottarelli, Andrea Crisanti, Ilaria Cucchi, Cecilia D’Elia, Aurora Floridia, Silvio Franceschelli, Annamaria Furlan, Francesco Giacobbe, Francesca La Marca, Pietro Lorefice, Alberto Losacco , Celestino Magni, Antonio Misiani, Elena Murelli, Antonio Nicita, Vincenza Rando, Tatiana Rojc, Luigi Spagnolli, Antonio Salvatore Trevisi, Walter Verini, Ylenia Zsphere. The deputies: Antony Barbagallo, Sara Ferrari, Marco Furfaro, Valentina Ghio, Chiara Gribaudo, Marco Grimaldi, Antonino Iaria, Maria Stefania Marino, Matteo Mauri, Virginio Merola, Roberto Morassut, Andrea Orlando, Lia Quartapelle, Andrea Quartini, Silvia Roggiani, Marco Sarracino, Arturo Scotto, Marco Simiani, Giulio Cesare Sottanelli, Roberto Speranza, Rosaria Tassinari, Daniela Torto, Stefano Vaccari, Nicola Zingaretti.