Parquet, works of art and details to take your breath away: have you seen Stefano De Martino’s house?

Parquet, works of art and breathtaking views: this is Stefano De Martino’s house.

Stefano de Martino, Tuesday 28 December, he made his debut with the new program on Rai Due, Bar stella. Aired in the late evening, it won over viewers. The name of Star has a real story behind it, it is deThe family bar existed in a large square in Torre Annunziata, near Naples, the birthplace of Stefano De Martino.

Have you seen Stefano de Martino’s house? (source rai play)

It was founded by De Martino’s great-grandfather. The conductor thus wanted to bring back a part of his origins and manifest it on television, through the representation of the family bar, with various objects-memories and different characters. Over the years, he has been at the helm of several broadcasts and has made himself known for his many skills, from dancer to conductor and showman. Today it is very famous, and also on social networks, it is followed by over 4 million followers. Right here, you can see in the published shots, some spaces and details of your home: have you ever seen it?

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Have you ever seen Stefano De Martino’s house? Breathtaking works of art and details

We met Stefano De Martino, when he participated as a dancer in Amici, in 2009, in the ninth edition. He was eliminated in the semifinals, finishing first among the dancers. A year later, he returned to the talent show, but this time as a professional.

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But over the years, his career has taken a different path. He became a correspondent for The Island of the Famous, in 2018, then led by Alessia Marcuzzi. He was the host of Made in Sud and took the helm of Tonight anything is possible. De Martino, on Tuesday 28 December, returned to TV. There was the debut with the new program Stella Bar, which has a true story behind it. It represents the bar of the host’s great-grandfather, therefore, it really existed. Among the many commitments, certainly, Stefano too, he loves to relax and the best place to find peace is his home. Have you seen where he lives?

Stefano de martino, house
instagram source

His house is located in Milan and it is a real gem. It is characterized by a large living room with double sofas and there is also parquet.

Stefano de martino, house
instagram source

In the photo above we can see that there are designer lamps in your home, very beautiful and particular.

stefano de martino, house
instagram source

In the bedroom, we see a window where you can admire the view. What is striking is certainly the painting, a real work of art, which surrounds the walls. For the rest, the colors are clear and the details, such as the chair and the shelves, are very simple. What can I say, Stefano De Martino’s house has original but not excessive features and is surrounded by art.