Participatory nominations 2023: the chessboard between Leonardo, Poste and Enel

Cingolani on board Nato leaves the game, Lasco and Donnarumma between Terna and Enel

Bishops, kings and this time also queens. In the chessboard of appointments at the top of state subsidiaries, every move must be counterbalanced in order not to risk checkmate. Between names entering and names leaving – according to rumors, because the cards remain covered – Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, in the doorstep at the end of the European Council, denies there are “tensions” with the League: “We are working very seriously despite the reconstructions that I read every day, which are hilarious”, bubbles them, assuring that they work for “the Italian national interest”. But net of alleged frictions, the game is wide open, and it is played, on the political front, above all on the Post Office and Enel: it is here that the perfect joint must be found to keep the government balances firm.

More generally, the appointments are a sort of game of Tetris, where each ‘brick’ must line up to raise the points. It seems to Leonardo that the indication of Lorenzo Mariani, currently at the helm of the Mbda missile consortium, is becoming more and more concrete, even if the quotations of the former minister of the Draghi government, Roberto Cingolani, are still high, appreciated by Meloni herself but who joined, in the recent days, of the board of the new NATO Innovation Fund, a role that would have excluded him from the waltz for the big state companies.

The only certain, immovable card is Claudio De Scalzi at the helm of Eni, on the strength of the results achieved by Italy to cut the umbilical cord from Russia on gas. On the presidency, the hypothesis – which has returned to circulation in recent days – of the current head of the Dis Elisabetta Belloni seems to be disappearing. In the roulette of names, that of Giuseppe Lasco is insistently made: current co-director general of Poste, he could aim for the leadership of Terna in place of Stefano Donnarumma, who could pack the boxes for an upgrade, read Enel.

A possible confirmation is that of Matteo Del Fante to Poste, because “the winning team does not change”, a theory espoused by the premier but which does not seem to convince Carroccio too much, who would like a decisive change of pace even if the name of Flavio Cattaneo could end up shuffling the cards on the table.

What will surely be impressed with the indication of a woman, if not more than one, among the choices that the government will express by April 13, by the will of Meloni herself who is asking for a strong female presence ‘. Indeed, one of the hole cards could concern precisely the indication of a woman such as ad. On the ‘pink’ front, in addition to that of Belloni, the name of Giuseppina Di Foggia, currently at the helm of Nokia Italia, appears very popular – if not in pole position: ‘papabile’ for the presidency of Enel, she is very welcome to Meloni, with which he would have a direct and highly esteemed relationship. On the other hand, the prices of Lucia Morselli, ex Ilva, another name that has bounced back in the rumors of the last few days, would seem to drop.