Parties at the table, the green and smart diet

Healthy, seasonal and colorful food: Enea’s tips

For a smart Christmas from the point of view of health and well-being, it is useful to enrich your diet with foods that help you stay fit. From Enea comes some advice for an ‘intelligent’, safe and high-quality diet, which at the same time promotes food biodiversity.

First of all: prefer foods to low environmental impact and products deriving from good cultivation practices; consume seasonal products, valuing i local products and typical of the area; choose to eat in a varied and balanced way; increase the consumption of products of plant origin; do not consume foods produced with fertilizers and pesticides.

And again: promote the health of your intestinal microbiome, by consuming functional foods rich in vegetable fibers; eat ‘healthy and sustainable’ food, always following a healthy and balanced diet on the model of the Mediterranean diet and the food pyramid. This is an indication that also allows you to eat in a sustainable way since, explains the Agency, the foods that are recommended for greater consumption are also those that have a lower environmental impact; eat ‘safe’, always choosing controlled products to protect food safety, storing and preparing them correctly to avoid cross-contamination; choose products of known originpossibly with denomination of origin and geographical indication, enhancing the territory, typicality and traditions.

In the end: eat ‘healthy and colourful’, consuming seasonal fruit and vegetables based on the 5 colors of well-being (red, green, yellow, white and purple). In December there are many that contain vitamins, mineral salts and antioxidant substances that are good for your health: oranges, persimmons, clementines, chestnuts, pears, apples, fennel, endives, thistles, kiwis, grapes, broccoli, pomegranates, beets.